Man knocks out drunk at a car wash and robs him

90th Precinct


At the car wash

A man knocked out a drunk guy and swiped his jewelry after the lush challenged him to a fight at a Grand Street car wash on May 26.

Witnesses told police a man, who appeared to be sozzled, approached another guy washing his car at the station near Vandervoort Avenue at 12:30 am and challenged him to fisticuffs.

The man refused and told the troublemaker to go away, so the drunk man jumped into the guy’s car and started checking out his belongings, a police report said.

The car owner told the inebriated intruder to get out of his ride, but when he didn’t, he slugged him in the face, police said. The man fell out of the vehicle, hit his head on the ground, rendering him unconscious, police said.

The car owner then stole a gold chain and gold pendant from around the unconscious man’s neck and fled, the report said.

Scoot over

Police are looking for a guy who they say attacked his 16-year-old relative with a scooter then fired off a round of bullets nearby, after the two got into a war of words on Manhattan Avenue on May 23.

The victim’s father said his son and the suspect were arguing near Scholes Street at 10 pm when he hit the teen in the face with the scooter.

The brute left the scene, but 30 minutes later came back with a silver gun and shot a round into the street, a report said. The perp is related to the victim, but he does not live with him, police noted.

How convenient

A miscreant swiped $1,500 from a S. Eighth Street convenience store cash register on May 23 while the owner was busy working, police said.

The proprietor said he noticed the lawbreaker came into the store near Roebling Street around 5:30 pm, but didn’t see him go behind the counter to take the money from the register since he was walking in and out of the store to load a truck, cops said.

Time for you to leave

Three jerks beat a 17-year-old on Graham Avenue on May 23 after asking him for the time, police said.

The victim’s mother said her son was near Maujer Street just after midnight when the three fiends approached him and asked for the time.

The teen took his phone from his pocket to check, but the brutes jumped him, hitting and kicking his face and chest before stealing his phone and running off, authorities said.

Subway attack

Two wrongdoers slashed a guy’s face as he was trying to get on the subway at Broadway on May 23.

The victim told cops he was going to get on the G train at the station near Boerum Street around 3:30 pm when two guys crept up on him from behind and slashed his forehead and the left side of his face with a sharp object.

The victim said he couldn’t describe the goons because it happened so fast, but a passerby said he saw two young guys — one wearing a red shirt and the other with a blue shirt — flee the location, according to the report.

— Tatiana Hernandez

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