Man shot dead outside Marlboro Houses

Shot deadA gunman shot a 23-year-old in the back of the head Bank jobA daring thief tunnelled his way into the Sovereign Bank on 86th Street on Jan. 15, but ended up fleeing with his tail between his legs after tripping the burglar alarm. Scream alarmA burglar scrambled out of a 67th Street home on Jan. 13 after his 68-year-old victim found him inside, rooting through her things.Robbed of $300Two thugs held up a young man at gunpoint during a Jan. 18 confrontation on 15th Avenue. Money grabberA thief dressed as a Hasidic man is being sought for raiding a 79th Street store on Jan. 19.X robA thief jumped a 28-year-old woman on Avenue X on Jan. 20, taking her handbag.FX wig outThree men tore up the FX Express on Avenue X on Jan. 20 Flower pot flingerTalk about flower power! An unhinged thug tossed a flower pot into a Manhattan Beach home on Jan. 20 after calling the homeowner a cyber-menace.Valve villainSomeone broke into a NYCHA storage room inside the Sheepshed-Nostrand Houses recently, taking $2,500 in heating valves.Dynasty devilA sticky-fingered thief lifted a wallet off of a 38-year-old man on Voorhies Avenue on Jan. 21, then used the manLeft unguardedA thief broke into an Ocean Avenue apartment on Jan. 15 Two on oneA pair of thugs jumped a 21-year-old on Coyle Street on Jan. 13

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