Man shot in E. 51st Street parking lot

Shot in car

A gunman opened fire on a car parked in an E. 51st Street parking lot on March 8, striking the motorist inside.

Gunshots were heard at 7:25 am in a small parking lot between Avenues I and J, witnesses told police. The victim, who was not named, was hit, but not seriously injured.

No pain

A gun-toting thug raided a Quentin Road pharmacy on March 3, taking an assortment of pain medications.

The thief barrelled into the store at 5:50 pm, ordering a worker to lay down on the floor as he put the pain medication in a white bag.

Two on one

A pair of goons jumped a 47-year-old woman on Flatbush Avenue on March 2, cutting their victim’s eye during the struggle.

The woman was nearing Avenue I at 12:45 am when the thugs jumped her and ran off with her purse.

Pocket pinch

A thief lifted an iPod from a 13-year-old boy on Avenue K on March 2 — then threatened to beat the teen up if he reported what happened to police.

The victim was approaching E. 34th Street at 7:55 am when the theft, and the threat, took place.

Gunning for cash

A pistol-packing perp jumped a 43-year-old man on E. 58th Street on March 3, taking $180.

The victim told police that he knew the thief who pistol-whipped and robbed him during the 3:10 am exchange that happened near Avenue I.

Phone snatch

A thief snagged a woman’s cellphone from her handsduring a March 1 exchange on Avenue R.

The victim told police that she near Flatbush Avenue and was checking her cellphone at 12:13 pm when the thief ran by and grabbed it.

Shopping swindle

A thief reached into a 64-year-old woman’s car and ran off with her purse as she was unloading her groceries on Avenue T on Feb. 23.

The woman was busy returning her shopping cart to her home, which is near E. 66th Street, at 8:45 pm when the thief made his move.

Window smasher

A thug bashed in the front windshield of a car parked on Stuart Street on Feb. 23.

The owner of the 2006 Chevrolet parked the car between Avenue V and Whitney Avenue at 9 pm. The damage was discovered when the owner returned to the car at 9:30 the following morning.

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