Man shot in the keyster!

90th Precinct


Butt shot

A gunman shot a man in his upper leg on Sept. 18 on the sidewalk on S. Third Street.

The victim was near Hooper Street at 6:05 am when the perp walked behind him and shot his leg. The perp fled and the victim was taken to a hospital.

Gallery thief

Two thieves stole a computer from a Bogart Street art gallery on Sept. 16.

The duo entered the gallery, which is near Ingraham Street, at around 3:30 pm and one approached the manager about a particular piece.

With the manager distracted, the other perp snatched the computer from his office and fled.

Elder abuse

A thief robbed a 78-year-old man on Powers Street on Sept. 15.

The victim told cops that he was near Bushwick Avenue at 3 am when a perp approached, pushed him to the ground, and said, “Give me your money.”

The thief then grabbed his wallet and fled.

BMX thief

A perp on a bicycle stole a woman’s tote bag on Havemeyer Street on Sept. 13.

The victim was near S. First Street at 1:15 am when the perp rode behind her and grabbed the bag, which contained an iPhone and her wallet.

Lofty crime

Three teenage perps struck a woman’s head with a backpack and stole her phone on Sept 13 as she was trying to enter her McKibbin Street loft.

The victim was about to get into her building near White Street at 6:34 pm when the thieves surrounded her. One hit her over the head with a knapsack while the other two restrained her and snatched her phone.

Police say they caught up with the perps an hour later.

Phone snatch

Two thieves stole an iPhone from a woman on Metropolitan Avenue on Sept. 14, just after she finished making a call.

The victim was near Driggs Avenue at 2:15 pm when two perps approached her from behind and shoved her. One stated, “Give me that!” and snatched her phone.

Bicycle thief

A thief smashed open a Havemeyer Street bicycle store window and stole a $600 road bike on Sept. 18.

The NYC Bikes owner, who lives near S. First Street, heard a crash at 5:30 am. When he went to the store, he saw the front window shattered and one of the bicycles missing.

Bike bash

A thief stole a $600 fold-up bike and an iPad from a Grand Street apartment.

The tenant left his apartment at 9 am on Sept. 16, but when he returned to Havemeyer Street at 12:30 am the next day, he saw that his door was ajar and this stuff was missing.

Leather man

A thief stole $1,300 worth of property from a S. Third Street apartment while its tenant was sleeping.

The resident of the apartment near Hooper Street told cops that he’d left his door unlocked before going to bed at 10:30 pm. When he woke up after a blissful 12-1/2 hours of sleep, he saw that his property had been taken.

Not to blame the victim, but who gets that much sleep nowadays?

Vizio missing

A thief stole a TV from a Borinquen Place apartment on Sept. 16.

The tenant left the apartment near Keap Street at 6 pm, but when he returned four hours later, he saw his property was gone.

Pretty theft

A thief stole $140 and several hundred dollars worth of salon supplies from a Lexus on Broadway on Sept. 15.

The driver parked near Wythe Avenue at 6:30 pm, but returned 90 minutes later to find her stuff missing.

Worst boy

A thief stole a $15,000 Lincoln Towncar that was used in a movie on Broadway on Sept. 15.

The driver left the keys in the ignition when he parked near S. Eighth at 9 pm, but when he returned an hour later, the car was gone.

— Aaron Short