Marijuana marauder

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks

Marijuana Marauder

 A brigand mugged a man who was standing on the F platform at Stillwell Avenue station, taking his bag containing some weed on June 20. 

The victim told police the brute approached him at the subway station at the intersection of Surf Avenue punched him in the left eye around 2:30 am and stole his bag and fled. 

Jeff Bezos bandit 

A savage threatened an Amazon worker when approaching him on the fifth floor of a Surf Avenue building with a gun and demanded he give him everything on June 20.

The victim told police he handed over the keys to his work van and his cellphone at the building at the intersection of W. 20th Street to the crook around 2:50 pm, who before fleeing ripped the victim’s shirt. 

Really bad bank robber

A failed bank robber passed a note to the teller at a Brighton Beach Avenue bank that stated “this is a robbery” on June 23.

The bank teller refused to give the bozo money from the bank between Brighton 7th Street and Coney Island Avenue he demanded she give him the money and again said this was a robbery just after 10 am and when she didn’t, he grabbed the note and ran.