Marty shouldn’t gamble on Coney casinos

To the editor,

This letter is to the Brooklyn Bookie, Borough President Markowitz. I’m sure most of the residents in Bath Beach, Bensonhurst, Gravesend, Fort Hamilton, Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach, and Boro Park don’t want a casino in Coney Island.

I, for one, don’t want all this extra car, van, and bus traffic going through these neighborhoods. Where will you park the vehicles? What will you do? Knock down homes in Coney Island?

If you looked the idea over, you would have seen that the best place to build would be on the service road of the east bound Belt Parkway between Exit 5 on Bay Parkway and the entrance onto Cropsey Avenue at Exit 6. City bus service can also be provided on the service road.

I think the B82 runs on Bay Parkway, left at the Belt Parkway service road to 26th Avenue where it makes a left to Cropsey Avenue back to Bay Parkway.

Dominick Raffone


PS 90 exodus

To the editor,

Just as I had stated in a previous letter, someone finally took the time to report the number of staff members exiting from PS 90 in Coney Island.

Something is terribly wrong when so many people leave a school at once. This is educationally unproductive as it will lead to inexperienced people replacing them with discipline suffering.

Why is the chancellor continuing to be so silent with this principal? How much political pull does this person have? Knowing the district she is in, in time she will be honored by a Civic Association at a dinner-dance as principal of the year.

I assume that this principal is from the notorious Leadership Academy. That’s the place that produces principals despite the fact that they never taught a day. These people are taught to create hostile working conditions.

Over 25 years ago, I and other teachers went through this with a principal. As a result, a mass exodus of staff occurred and nothing was done.

Where is the United Federation of Teachers in this matter? After all, its membership doesn’t pay union dues to be abused.

After all, a hostile working environment is now occurring. Where is the CSA in this matter? They’re just protecting one of their own.

This principal should have been removed some time ago. What a system! No wonder so many of our schools are in the shape they’re in.

Ed Greenspan

Sheepshead Bay

Turn back the clock!

To the editor,

I don’t know how the stores on 86th Street between 23rd Avenue and Bay Parkway get away with the garbage on the sidewalks and the gutter.

Years ago it was never like this.

Between the bikes on the sidewalk and the trash you cannot shop. What happened to the good old days? Where the owners kept it clean and sanitation gave out tickets. Lets turn the clock back.

Elaine Gelobter

Coney Island

Screech at Screecher

To the editor,

I read your article with regards to Mr. Santa Maria (“Carmine’s subway adventure,” Aug. 9–15, 2012, Bay News), and I thought to myself “Who paid for his scooter?” I guess it would be Medicaid, Medicare, or Social Security.

Mr. Santa Maria looks like he has not missed a meal in a long time. I understand that he might have obtained an injury of some kind, but in your article we did not receive any information as to why he is in the scooter.

Many of us take good care of ourselves, and do not expect the government to take care of us. Does Mr. Santa Maria even walk, or does he just roll around in his scooter all day looking for hot dogs?

And guys like me end up fitting the bill because my tax dollars go to the MTA so that he can have an elevator that will allow him to go and eat hot dogs, fries, and soda? I am a little tired of this type of behavior.

Not-so-tolerant taxpayer

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