Masked men pull guy into their car and rob him

61st Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Car full of trouble

Four masked men pulled a guy into their car and robbed him on Avenue Z on Sept. 25.

The crooks pulled the victim into their sedan near E. 15th Street at 5:40 pm and told him “don’t say nothing or you will get hurt,” and put an object on his head, emptied his pockets, and threw him out of the car, according to cops.

The pillagers robbed him of his phone, wallet, and $600, police said.

Playground punks

Five brigands robbed a person at Homecrest Avenue on Sept. 24.

The victim was inside the playground at Shore Parkway at 12:20 pm when five men approached and said, “take everything out,” according to police.

The crooks then stole the victim’s iPhone 7 and gold chain and fled on Homecrest Avenue, cops said.

Gunning for cash

Gunmen robbed several stores in the precinct this week. Here’s the rundown:

• A man robbed a bodega an Avenue U bodega on Sept. 25.

The gunman entered the store near McDonald Avenue at 12:15 pm and demanded the employee “give me all your money,” before fleeing in a white car, according to cops.

• A pistol-packing thief robbed a Neptune Avenue business on Sept. 25.

The villain entered the store near E. 14th Street at 12:05 pm, pulled out a silver gun, and pointed it at an employee behind the counter, according to cops. The invader took $100 from the register before fleeing in a white Nissan on Guider Avenue towards Coney Island Avenue, according to police.

• Police arrested a man who allegedly robbed a store on Nostrand Avenue on Sept. 26.

The suspect allegedly entered the store near Avenue Y at 5:43 am, showed a silver handgun, and told an employee to empty the register, according to police. The suspect told the employee to get on the ground and then stole $200 and left, according to cops.

• A masked man carrying a gun robbed a Nostrand Avenue chain store on Sept. 26.

The baddie, wearing a black ski mask, entered the store near Avenue T at 5:40 am and demanded, “give me all the money in the register,” and told other employees to “get on the floor and count to 10,” according to police.

• A man stole $100 from a chain store on Kings Highway on Sept. 26.

The lout approached an employee washing dishes in the store near Coney Island Avenue at 5:15 am, displayed his gun, and demanded the register’s money before fleeing in a black sedan, according to police.

Shoe thieves

Two crooks robbed a man on Ocean Avenue on Sept. 27.

The victim told the cops that the ne’er-do-wells approached him while he was walking to the bus stop near Avenue T at 9:30 am.

They said, “give us your money and shoes or we’re going to beat you up,” and stole $5 and his pair of Yeezy shoes and fled towards Avenue U, according to cops.

Nothing but Nets

Three men punched a guy in the ribs and stole his Brooklyn Nets baseball cap and backpack on Bragg Street on Sept. 27.

The victim was near Avenue V at 6:30 pm when one of the toughs asked, “what hood are you from, and what are you doing in this area?” and another displayed a gun and punched the victim on the left side of the ribs, police reported.

One of the men then stole the victim’s hat and backpack, which contained his passport and social security card, and the trio fled toward Avenue U, according to authorities.

Knife invader

Police arrested a man who allegedly broke into an E. 16th Street home on Sept. 23.

The suspect allegedly got into the building near Avenue U at 11:30 pm by breaking the basement window, and when approached by the resident, he told him that he had a knife, according to cops.

Tool loot

A bandit took power tools from a construction truck on Gerritsen Avenue on Sept. 27.

The thief removed a power drill, power wash, sander, and other tools from the locked vehicle near Avenue U between 10 am and 11:45 am, according to cops.

Jewel thief

A burglar looted a Jerome Avenue home of cash and jewelry on Sept. 27.

The rogue broke into the victim’s home near Ocean Avenue at 10 am and damaged the front door key cylinder, police said.

The brigand then stole stole cash, white gold rings, and other jewelry from the rear bedroom and fled through the front door, according to cops.

— Brianna Kudisch

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