Masked vandals attack Gerritsen Avenue

Masked miscreants

Two masked vandals attacked a Gerritsen Avenue home on Feb. 18 — lobbing rocks at a woman’s glass door.

The woman, who lives between Avenues S and T, said that three panes of glass were shattered during the 3 am assault.

Gerritsen graffiti

Graffiti vandals ran wild on the streets of Gerritsen Beach this week. Here’s what happened:

• A vandal spray-painted some indecipherable words on Bevy Court near Everett Avenue on Feb. 17. The graffiti goon struck sometime after 9 pm.

• A goon scrawled his tag across a fence on Celest Court on Feb. 17. The thief marked up the fence, which is between Devon and Everett avenues, with black spray-paint sometime after 9 pm.

Stunning arrest

A 21-year-old was arrested after he was caught on Avenue Z on Feb. 20, looking for cars to loot.

Witnesses called 911 after they saw the thief peering into the windows of cars left parked near E. 22nd Street at about 3:30 am.

Cops found a stun gun on him, and took him into custody after a brief struggle.

iPhone steal

Five thugs surrounded and jumped a 17-year-old for his iPhone on a Manhattan-bound N train rumbling toward the 86th Street station on Feb. 11.

The victim was tinkering with his pricey Smartphone at 2:35 pm when the thieves ordered him to fork it over.

When he wouldn’t, they punched him in the face and made off with it.

Jewelry jack

A thief broke into a Brigham Street home on Feb. 18, taking an assortment of jewelry.

The thief entered the home, which is between Avenues X and Y, by forcing open a front window sometime after 4:30 pm.

Cash swipe

A crook snuck into an Avenue X apartment on Feb. 18, taking more than $5,000.

The 25-year-old victim told police that the thief entered his home, which is between Brigham and Bragg streets, sometime after 8 pm — through a window that, he admitted, he didn’t lock.

Tailgate taker

A thief took a trailer hitch and a rearview camera that were attached to a pickup truck parked on E. 26th Street on Feb. 17.

The theft took place sometime after 5 pm as the vehicle sat parked between Voorhies Avenue and Shore Parkway.

Tire takers

A pinching pit crew raided a 2010 Honda Accord parked on Shore Parkway on Feb. 18, taking all four tires.

The theft happened sometime after the owner left the car parked near E. 16th Street around 10 pm.

Bank botch

A thief tried to rob a Chase Bank on 18th Avenue in Bensonhurst on Feb. 7, but ended up escaping empty-handed.

Workers at the bank, which is near 65th Street, told police that the thief entered at 10:45 am, walked up to the teller window, and passed a threatening note written on a brown piece of paper.

But the teller refused to respond to the note.

The outraged thief banged on each teller window before running off.

Trading up

A thief broke into Wei Trading Inc. on 18th Avenue on Feb. 8, taking $50.

Workers at the business, which is near 69th Street, said that someone forced open a back window sometime before 9 am, taking the money from the cash register.

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