Maybe they should call it ‘Men in THE Black’

Maybe they should call it ‘Men in THE Black’
Photo by Tom Callan

Will Smith is doing more for Brooklyn real-estate than the busiest Corcoran broker.

Wednesday night found Smith, co-star Josh Brolin, and the massive “Men in Black 3” crew once again filming, this time in Williamsburg’s Relish, the diner that closed in July.

Hundreds of film fans watched from Wythe Avenue at Smith and Brolin — plus some funky stand-ins covered with lightbulbs to help create the computer-generated magic — lensed a scene set in the 1960s, where Agents J (Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) time-travel to save the world somehow, encountering K’s younger self (Brolin, of course) and somehow avoiding ripping a hole in the space-time continuum.

The movie will be released next may, a full decade after “Men In Black 2.”

But few in Brooklyn care so long as the cash register keeps ringing — and Smith and Co. have been good for business.

Lightbulb-covered stand ins rolled through the shot to provide the building blocks for computer-generated Hollywood magic to be added later.
Photo by Tom Callan

In addition to Wednesday’s filming, Sony has also rented a warehouse on Rewe Street in Bushwick to store props and vehicles for the movie.

And next month, producers will film for a few days inside the Grashorn Building on Coney Island, saving it (at least temporarily) from demolition.

The cast also includes Emma Thompson as a secretary for the alien-hunting agents and Jemaine Clement, of “Flight of the Conchords” fame, as a villain.

Together, the “Men In Black” movies have grossed $1 billion worldwide.

Williamsburg’s shuttered Relish Diner was brought back to life for the filming of a scene for “Men In Black 3,” starring Will Smith and Josh Brolin.
Photo by Tom Callan