Mayor de Blasio casts his ballot in Park Slope

Mayor Bill de Blasio voted Tuesday at his neighborhood library.
Photo by Lloyd Mitchell

Mayor Bill de Blasio cast his vote in the Nov. 2 general election on Tuesday, where he predicted Borough President Eric Adams would be the next mayor. 

After casting his vote shortly after noon at the Park Slope library on Sixth Avenue, the mayor encouraged all New Yorkers to vote. 

“It feels good to vote, I encourage all New Yorkers to get out and vote until 9 o’clock,” he said. 

He also encouraged a yes-vote on all five of the ballot proposals on the back of the ballot, before dodging questions about his runoff governor — with reports this morning that he’d officially filed paperwork to potentially run for office, without yet publicly committing to a run. 

“I am very, very committed to continuing public service,” he told reporters outside the library. “I’ll leave it at that.” 

de blasio
Mayor Bill de Blasio casts his ballot in Park Slope Tuesday morning.Photo by Ben Verde

He also took time to blast the city’s firefighter unions for looking the other away amid the apparent mass sick-outs being staged by firefighters in protest of the city’s vaccine mandates, that have left some fire companies understaffed

“What the fire unions should be doing is what the other unions are doing which is saying ‘we didn’t agree with it, we fought it in court, we lost fair and square, now everyone go get vaccinated,” he said. “The fire union is doing a disservice to their members and this city by discouraging vaccination … thats’s just unacceptable.”