Mean mugging on the F train

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Rail rippers

Two knife-wielding goons mugged a 26-year-old woman on a Coney Island-bound F train as it rumbled into the Carroll Street station on Sept. 10.

The train had just left Bergen Street at 4:46 am when the thieves grabbed their victim’s cellphone and wallet, which contained $530. They then flashed their blade, ordering her to stay put as they made their escape.

Robbed of wallet

A criminal quartet surrounded and robbed a 36-year-old man of his wallet during a harrowing confrontation on Degraw Street.

The victim was nearing Court Street at 11:40 pm when the thieves threatened to harm him if he didn’t give up his belongings.

Worm turned

A 57-year-old was arrested on Sept. 7 after he was caught wiggling under a fence surrounding a Union Street home.

Witnesses saw the thief trying to climb the fence between Court and Smith streets just after 6 pm. When he couldn’t get over, he tried to get under — only to be caught by cops a short time later.

— Thomas Tracy