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Meat lover: Man shoots uncle for stealing his chuck chop

What a carnivore!

A 34-year-old E. 93rd Street man shot his uncle on Feb. 16 when he caught his relative cooking up the chopped meat he wanted to use for dinner.

The victim told police that he knew his nephew had bought the meat and put it in the refrigerator, but didn’t think twice about cooking it up for himself at 11:30 pm that night.

His nephew smelled the meat cooking and wigged out. He pulled a gun and opened fire on his uncle, hitting him in both legs.

The uncle was taken to Kings County Hospital for treatment. Cops caught up with his meat-loving nephew on Feb. 22, although the suspect claimed his uncle accidentally shot himself during an argument over the meat.

Scalding stares

A 38-year-old chucked a cup of hot coffee at a woman on Feb. 28 after mistakenly thinking that the woman was laughing at him.

Both the assailant and the woman were inside a Kings Highway deli, which is near E. 97th Street, at 12:15 pm when the woman began laughing at a worker.

But the suspect thought that the giggles were directed at him. Outraged, he threatened to hit the woman, cocked his fist back, then splattered the woman with coffee, leaving her with minor burns.

Cops arrested him a short time later.

Shoved aside

A 26-year-old thug was arrested on Feb. 28 for raiding a Church Avenue grocery on two separate occasions.

Employees at the store, which is near E. 31st Street, told police that the thief entered at 4:30 pm on Feb. 25 and began shoving workers aside.

He popped open a cash register, took $400 and stormed off.

Three days later he returned, taking $70 from a cash register, but he didn’t get far. Cops caught up with him a short time later, charging him with robbery and petit larceny.

Home invader bust

A 31-year-old thug was arrested on Feb. 23 after he and an accomplice raided an E. 21st Street apartment.

The homeowner told police that he was inside the apartment, which is between Regent Place and Beverly Road, at 3 pm when he heard someone at the door.

That’s when the suspect kicked the door in, hitting the victim in the face in the process.

The thief and his accomplice attacked the victim with a long stick as they raided the place of valuables — but were apprehended a short time later.

Lethal lady

A 19-year-old woman beat and mugged a female victim on Feb. 23 during a frenzied fracas on Dorchester Road.

Witnesses said that the two women were arguing with each other between E. 16th and E. 17th streets at 1:40 pm when the suspect attacked the woman, leaving her with injuries to her head, back and stomach.

The thief scooped up the woman’s purse and ran off, but was arrested a short time later, and charged with robbery.

Beaten and scratched

An 18-year-old woman was arrested on Feb. 24 following a cat fight on Flatbush Avenue.

Witnesses said that the suspect was arguing with her opponent between E. 28th and E. 29th streets at 3:30 pm when she lunged at the woman, leaving her with bruises and scratches to her face and neck.

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