Memo to hoodlums — Judge DiMango is waiting for you

The smirk was wiped right off her sullen face — and her second chance swiftly dumped in the can.

Cocky Brooklyn teen Chazmia Morrison, 17, learned the hard way that the law is not to be taken lightly when disgusted Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Patricia DiMango nixed the Bedford-Stuyvesant student’s plea deal last week, and ordered her to stand trial on a felony rap — with a grim possibility of spending seven years in the pokey.

DiMango had good reasons for her bold move: the brazen minor sashayed into court wearing a skimpy outfit more appropriate for an adult night club — complete with bra straps sleazily visible, and skin-tight jeans ripped to expose ribbons of underage flesh.

Then, she mouthed-off to the hard-nosed jurist, who was having none of it.

“You’re showing me your tattoos, your bra straps. That’s how you’re going to impress me?” thundered DiMango.


Morrison’s alleged crime was heinous enough — even by hardened criminal standards. She stood accused of being part of a wolf pack of girls who whacked a fellow song contest entrant in the face — with a padlock wrapped in a sock — to prevent her from singing.

Unnecessary flippancy only sealed the deal for the tacky teen, who put her worst face forward for what could arguably be a grim turning point in her young life.

When DiMango asked a routine question about any impairment that could nullify her plea deal, Morrison quipped that she had been wasted on marijuana on her last court visit, then compounded her sass by refusing drug treatment because she said she didn’t need it.

“If you don’t have a [drug] problem, you’re really a brat for coming to court high!” roared DiMango.

Just for the record, Morrison flunked the street cred test. Her scuzzy court performance demonstrated that there is nothing all that about a crab who thinks clockin’ is chill — or in other words, ditch the diva act, kid.

Let’s hope DiMango is also assigned the case of Iloune Driver, 19, who was arrested at press time in connection with last week’s shooting on the Brighton Beach boardwalk, which left a 16-year-old girl dead, allegedly over exchanged looks between two groups of strollers.

The tragedy unfolded as hundreds of city school kids spent a day away from the classroom for Brooklyn-Queens Day, which has become an annual excuse for unruly youth mobs to terrorize local neighborhoods, and one which the Department of Education seems unable to control. No surprise there. One recent year, businesses in Brighton Beach were forced to close for the entire day to avoid the nonsense.

Memo to wannabe hoodlums: Judge DiMango is waiting for you.

At a time when plea deals are part and parcel of an overloaded court system, it’s nice to know that there’s a judge on the bench who refuses to rely on junk justice.


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