Menace threatens security guard in store

78th Precinct

Park Slope

Threat-level zero

Cops have given up the hunt for the creep who threatened a security guard at an Atlantic Avenue department store on April 11.

The victim told police the fiend stalked her throughout the store near Flatbush Avenue at 10:22 a.m., growling threats that included, “I should hit you,” and “I’m going to punch you behind your head.”

Oh, baby!

Police cuffed a 46-year-old man accused of nabbing a baby walker from a Sterling Place house on April 11.

The suspect sliced open a package located inside a gated area of a brownstone between Fifth and Sixth avenues at 4:09 p.m., before attempting to flee with her ill-gotten baby paraphernalia, according to police.

New York’s Finest caught up with her that day, finding her in possession of a knife and a crack pipe, and charging her with a misdemeanor burglar’s tools charge, cops said.

Booze bandit

Some crook nabbed a case of wine from the lobby of a St. Marks Avenue apartment building on April 9.

The victim told police Fed Ex left his booze in the foyer of his building between Fifth and Sixth avenues at 1 p.m., and he returned later to find his $180 worth of hooch stolen.

Party perp

Cops arrested a man for allegedly driving drunk on Carlton Avenue on April 13.

The arresting officer claimed he was responding to a call for a bicyclist injured when he found the motorist drunk in his 2007 Nissan Murano near Bergen Street at 11:38 p.m., and a Breathalyzer conducted at the scene showed a blood-alcohol content over the legal limit.

An official Breathalyzer conducted later showed the man under the legal limit, but that didn’t stop cops from charging the man with a misdemeanor DWI, according to police.

Word crime

Some jerk keyed the word “b—-” into a woman’s car in front of her 12th Street home on April 9.

The victim told police she parked her car between Sixth and Seventh avenues at 8 p.m., and returned later to find the hood of her truck besmirched with the scratched slur.

— Colin Mixson

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