Mental Health Film Fest facilitates healing through the arts

The New York City Mental Health Film Festival returns to Brooklyn this month.

Those with mental health issues find healing in art and a way to communicate their lives to broader society. This film festival fights stigma by showing how mental health recipients are part of broader society. Through art, those with mental health concerns find a voice and experience being treated like equals by other artists.

It all happens April 25, 12-5 p.m. at St. Francis College, 182 Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights.

“Lens and Pens: Art in an Unexpected Place” shows how those in a mental hospital change their perspectives on life due to an art program. In “To See What I See,” mental health recipients tell the story of their recovery through photography and paintings.

The Coalition of the Institutionalized Aged and Disabled (CIAD) will show two short films on the conditions of adult homes. In “Canvas,” an out mental health recipient in life, Joe Pantoliano stars as the husband and father of a family torn apart by the mental illness of his character’s wife.

Tickets are $5 dollars in advance and $7 at the door. For more, visit www.nycmentalhealthfilmfestival.com or call 212-780-1400.

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