Miss America is leaving the borough!

Miss New York, Mallory Hagan, who has excellent taste in newspapers, has called Park Slope home for the past six years.
Photo by Elizabeth Graham

The nation is going to see a lot of Brooklynite Mallory Hagan now that the 24-year-old Alabama native is the beautiful face beneath the Miss America tiara. But residents of the borough that helped her get her big break won’t have that same opportunity. Like so many borough success stories before her (we’re looking at you, Spike Lee), Hagan is packing up her place in Windsor Terrace (yep, we confirmed it’s not Park Slope) and hitting the road. She promises she will return when her year on-the-road is up, and we can’t wait to welcome her back. We checked in with the fashion student-turned-pageant queen before grabbed her bags and left.

BP: You left Brooklyn to go to Las Vegas as just another contestant, you’re returning as a star. Are people treating you differently now around your neighborhood?

MH: Well, you know what, it’s funny, I actually haven’t been back to my apartment! As Miss America, we stay in hotels because we travel just about every 48 hours. So right now is probably one of the longest stints I’ll have in one place for a little while.

BP: Are you leaving Brooklyn now that you’ve achieved this milestone?

MH: Unfortunately for the year I have to, but I’ll be back as soon as my year as Miss America is up.

BP: What do you have planned for your year away from Brooklyn?

MH: The major thing is I’ll be an ambassador for education. I’m going to the White House to discuss some issues with the Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and we’ll be talking about some ways we can empower young women to be more involved in math and science. We’ll also be working with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, raising funds. And then I’ll also be promoting my personal platform, working to stop sexual abuse of children.

BP: Have you moved out of your neighborhood yet?

MH: Not yet, I will be. I will put my stuff in storage for the year, and then bring it back out once my reign as Miss America is over.

BP: You told us before that you frequented the F station at 15th Street. Have you upgraded to a different ride?

MH: We’ve been really fortunate — we’ve had so many appearances and we’ve been provided car services so far. I haven’t been on the subway system yet and it might be until the next visit that I get a chance.

BP: Your tap dancing skills are now known all over the land. Can we expect to see you on a Brooklyn stage anytime soon?

MH: No, unfortunately. My year of service is all over the country, and if I’m here, it’s going to be a quick stint. [If you want to see me perform, it will likely be signing as Miss America] and hopefully the next time I’ll be doing that will be at the Nets–Heat game on Jan. 29 at the Barclays Center.

BP: Many Brooklynites were heartbroken to hear that you have a boyfriend. Can you recommend any good romantic spots around town?

MH: No. I don’t really often go on dates with my boyfriend out in Brooklyn, so I don’t really know of any places that are super romantic, unfortunately.

BP: Any plans now to tell a few of your neighbors that they live next to Miss America?

MH: I don’t spend a lot of time hanging out with my neighbors, but maybe if I get a chance to go back to my apartment, I’ll let the little girls downstairs know!

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