Modem madness as cable man is ripped off

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge–Dyker Heights

Cable why?

Thieves swiped thousands in telecommunications gear from a cable truck on Owls Head Court on Dec. 1.

The victim told cops that he went inside a customer’s house between Bay Ridge Avenue and 68th Street at 1:30 pm. When he came back out less than an hour later, he found that perps had stolen $2,900 in converter boxes, cables and modems.

1970s redux

Vandals tagged an R train while it sat idle overnight on Nov. 28.

MTA officials told cops that the car had been left the spur track at 10:40 pm, but by next morning, workers discovered the words “Bad” and “Ph” sprayed on the train in turquoise, black and blue paint. The MTA estimated the damage at $800.

Turkey bandits

Would-be bandits broke into a Ridge Boulevard apartment over the Thanksgiving weekend and rearranged a few things, but did not steal anything.

The victim told cops that she left her house between 85th and 86th streets at 1:30 pm on Nov. 24. When she returned on Nov. 28, she found glue on her door handle, and her possessions moved around.

Golden ticket

Thugs swiped nearly $3,000 in jewelry and cash from a woman on Fifth Avenue on Nov. 28 after she refused to help cash a purportedly winning lottery ticket.

The victim told cops that she was sitting in her car between 74th street and Bay Ridge Parkway at 1 pm when a man and a woman approached and asked for help cashing their winning ticket. She refused, so the pushy punks demanded her cash and bangles.

Fifth Avenue and Bay Ridge Parkway

— Dan MacLeod