More burglary at Trader Joe’s

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens

Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Traitor Joe’s

A thief swiped a woman’s wallet from her purse while she shopped at the Court Street Trader Joe’s on April 9.

The victim told cops she was grocery shopping in the store at Atlantic Avenue at around 6:15 pm when the thief must have struck. She lost an assortment of credit and debit cards.

The grocery store has made regular appearances in these pages for similar crimes.

Cycle swipe

A thief stole a bike parked at the Gourmet Fresh on Court Street, but the offender was quickly apprehended by cops.

The bike owner emerged from the grocery store between Third and Fourth places at around 2:18 pm, only to see the thief taking off with his ride. Unfortunately for the suspect, he passed two officers on foot patrol who noticed the thief’s extreme pedalling. Moments later, they were alerted by the bike owner giving chase.

Officer Julio Rodriguez then apprehended the 33-year-old suspect nearby on Union Street, and discovered that the thief also had an assortment of tools, leading cops to believe he was one of the regular bike thieves offender stalking the neighborhood.

Bang bang

Five teenage troublemakers roughed up two kids on the way to school on April 8, but the ringleader was arrested.

The pair of victims said they were at Lorraine and Columbia streets at around 8:50 am when the band of bozos approached them. The ringleader, called “Rocky,” asked one of the pair if he was “banging” (meaning “fighting”) with a classmate. Rocky then demanded, “Give me everything you got!” The victim then complied, but he and his friend were both still punched in the face.

Minutes later, Rocky was slapped in handcuffs by Officer Daniel Bonilla.

Teenage kicks

A teenage brute intimidated a fellow student into handing over his cash on April 6.

The victim told cops the bully approached him at Henry Street and Second Place at around noon. The thug then said, “You! In the blue shirt! Do you have any money? And don’t waste my time!”

The teen, fearing for his health, handed over $15. Unfortunately, he may run into his attacker again — he said he recognized the jerk from IS 142.

Quiet ruined

A thief busted into an apartment on usually bucolic Verandah Place on April 6 and struck paydirt.

The ripped-off resident told cops she left her place between Henry and Clinton streets at around 6:47 pm and left the rear basement door unlocked. When the 40-year-old returned a mere 30 minutes later, the thief had stolen $160, a $32 gift certificate to the Gap, a set of keys, a pocket knife, a Tumi purse worth $600, a wristwatch, and a laptop.

Wheely angry

A thief put a Honda on blocks on April 7 and made off with four wheels.

The owner of the car said he had parked his car at Amity and Henry streets at around 8 pm. When he returned to his car the next morning, he had been blocked. He told cops the wheels and rims were worth $1,248.

Volvo valved

A thief stole a 2010 Volvo off Warren Street on April 9.

The owner of the auto told cops that he had parked the car near Henry Streets at around midnight. When he returned 10 hours later, his car, which contained a laptop, a camera, two baby seats valued, and a bike helmet and hard drive, were all gone.

— Stephen Brown