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More cash for college makeover

Thanks to an influx of state funding, Brooklyn College is getting a makeover.

The school has received more than $220 million from the state legislature to fund a variety of improvements and upgrades to existing academic buildings.

“It’s a significant investment by the state,” explained John Hamill, director of communications for Brooklyn College, which is located at 2900 Bedford Avenue.

The college has outlined several projects for which it will utilize the funding, including creating a new athletic field.

It will be in the same location as the existing field but will provide updated space for the sports most enjoyed by Brooklyn College’s students, including football, track and field, softball, soccer, lacrosse, and tennis.

Approximately $29 million will be allocated for Brooklyn College’s Performing Arts Center.

With an additional $46 million from alumni and previous state allocations, the funding will allow the college to create a backstage area providing space for behind-the-scenes theater work.

While money will go toward security, maintenance and fire system upgrades, the bulk of the state funding is set aside for the Roosevelt Science Complex.

The facility will receive $161 million to create a sub-basement level offering state-of-the-art science labs and equipment.

“Brooklyn College doesn’t deserve any less than top facilities,” Hamill said.

Accompanying the academic upgrades is the construction of an apartment building for Brooklyn College’s students.

New Brooklyn Development (NBD) is constructing a 115-unit residential building to offer affordable apartments to the college’s students.

The 60,000-square-foot building is being constructed “as of right” at 2604-2622 Farragut Road. It will be located at the corner of Farragut Road and Kenilworth Place, thereby being known as 1 Kenilworth Place.

The building, which will accommodate 214 residents, will maintain a security desk, Internet café, gym, recreation room, laundry facilities, plasma TVs, and a back yard.

Although the building is being constructed by a private developer and not Brooklyn College, the school will recommend “high-performing students” for the apartments.

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