More crime at Planet Fitness

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Gym rats

A locker-room rogue swiped a suit, cash and cards from two athletes at a notorious Duffield Street gym on Sept. 7.

The victims, ages 31 and 25, told cops that they hit the weights at Planet Fitness near Fulton Street at 8 am. When they returned 90 minutes later, their lockers were busted open and their belongings were gone.

The gym makes regular appearances in these pages.

Stooped low

A devious gang pushed a woman to the ground and plucked her cellphone on Concord Street on Sept. 10.

The 26-year-old Staten Island said she was near Duffield Street at 8:20 pm when the thieves attacked.

Police are seeking a 15-year-old suspect.

Excess baggage

A bandit stole a bag with thousands of dollars from a car on Boerum Place on Sept 5.

The 45-year-old victim told cops that he parked near Pacific Street at noon. When he returned hours later, his vehicle’s rear window was broken and a satchel containing $13,000 was gone.

Police recovered the bag nearby — minus the cash.

Car alarm

A crook broke into a vehicle on Atlantic Avenue on Sept. 9 and scored a laptop and $2,000.

The Bronx victim told police that he parked near Third Avenue at 3:15 pm to go to the post office. Within 15 minutes, some jerk smashed his car window and stole his stuff.

Apple picking

A thug yanked an iPhone from a woman at the Jay Street subway station on Sept 5.

The 29-year-old victim told police that she was waiting for a Manhattan-bound F train at 11:42 am when the thief came from behind, grabbed her mobile and fled.

Police are seeking a 20-year-old suspect.

Cheap talk

A brazen thief ripped two iPhones from the Montague Street AT&T store on Sept. 8.

An employee told cops that the shoplifter entered the store near Clinton Street at 4:50 pm, glommed the devices and exited the store.

Into thin air

A thief lifted a new MacBook from a Jay Street architecture firm on Sept. 6.

The 28-year-old victim told cops he was at the office near Plymouth Street at 11 am when he left his laptop on a chair. He returned hours later and his MacBook was gone.

Whine bar

Some goon broke into the Brooklyn Bridge Wine Bar on Old Fulton Street and a pricey cash register part on Aug. 25.

The 53-year-old employee told cops that he left the bar near Furman Street at midnight. Eight hours later, he discovered the $6,000 dongle for the register and a modem were gone.

Time out

A gang of thugs attacked a couple on State Street on Sept. 10 for an iPhone and $5.

The victims told police that they were near Hoyt Street at 9:25 pm when one of the marauders asked for the time. That’s when a perp punched the 29-year-old male victim in the face and another crook choked his 28-year-old companion.

The gang stole an iPhone, blue leather purse and Virginia driver’s license.

Hard knocks

A stranger pushed a 17-year-old girl and snatched her backpack on State Street on Sept. 9.

The victim told cops that she was near Third Avenue at 10:10 am when the crook came from behind and yanked her bag — containing $35, schoolbooks and a Metrocard.

The 19-year-old suspect fled eastbound on State Street.

— Kate Briquelet