More crime at Trader Joe’s!

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens

Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Traitor Joe’s!

A thief snatched a wallet from a woman’s pocket book while she shopped at the Court Street Trader Joe’s on June 11 — the latest in a series of purse snatchings at the popular grocery store.

The victim told cops that she had left her purse sitting in her shopping cart while she shopped at around 1 pm. When she went to check out, she realized that her wallet, containing an assortment of IDs, credit cards, and $100, was missing.

Last month, cops orchestrated a string at the sketchy grocery store that netted a thief. Upon hearing the news of the latest incident, a police source said, “We got to go back there again!”


A pair of thieves made off with a $25,000 bounty of jewelry when one posed as a firefighter on June 11.

The victim told cops she heard a knock on the door of her apartment on Fourth Place between Clinton and Court Street at around 5:15 pm. The perp said, “I’m an inspector from the fire department!” and then guided the resident into her backyard. Meanwhile, the fake firefighter’s accomplice slipped into the house and stole the jewelry from a bedroom, including a diamond cocktail ring worth $11,000, a $3,000 engagement ring and even two “kids’ gold chains” worth $400.

EMT needs aid

A drunken madman clocked a girl in the face, got arrested, and then clocked an EMT in the face while he was locked in a holding cell on June 9.

Cops said the smelly lunatic struck the stranger in the face at Court Street and Third Place at around 8:30 pm. Two hours later, when the inebriated jerk was in a holding cell an EMT attempted to take his blood pressure. The perp was not receptive to treatment, and punched the EMT in the kisser. Officer Leonard Golden slapped the cuffs on the 48-year-old boozehound.

Not so Lucky

A thief snatched two sideview mirrors off two Lucky Buses that were parked overnight on June 6.

A Lucky employee told cops that the buses were parked in a lot at the end of Columbia Street near the Red Hook ball fields at around 9 pm. The next morning, the sideview mirrors, valued at $2,000, were gone.

Smith-Nine swipes

Two cellphones were snatched at the Smith and Ninth Street station last week.

• The first thief struck on June 9 as a Coney Island-bound F-Train pulled into the station. The victim said he was holding his iPhone when the thief snatched it right out of his hands at around 4:05 pm.

• The second incident was almost identical, as a bandit snatched a Samsung smart phone out of the victim’s hands as a Coney Island-bound F Train pulled into the station at around 8 am.


A thief stole a smooth 1984 Cadillac El Dorado from Van Brunt Street on June 7.

The owner of the beloved two-door sedan said that he had parked his ride in a lot at Verona Street at around 7 pm. The next afternoon, the sweet ride was gone.

— Stephen Brown