More phone robberies

94th Precinct


Phone pick

A thief stole a woman’s phone on Driggs Avenue on Oct. 8.

The victim told police that she was near Eckford Street at 4:25 pm, when the perp approached her from behind and grabbed her phone from her hand.

Bush term

A thief stole a phone from a woman on Bedford Avenue on Oct. 5 — but a witness chased him and got it back.

The victim was near N. 10th Street at 4:15 pm when the perp grabbed the phone and ran away.

But a witness who saw the scene chased after him and restrained him until police nabbed the alleged thief and recovered the phone.

Toyota swiped

A thief stole a Toyota on Kent Avenue on Oct. 9.

The driver parked near N. Fourth Street at 1 pm, but returned an hour later to find that the car was gone.

Java jones

A thief stole a laptop and iPhone from a Java Street apartment on Oct. 3.

The tenant left his apartment between McGuinness Boulevard and Manhattan Avenue at 8:20 am, but when he returned at 7 pm, he saw his door was unlocked and the stuff was gone.


A thief stole a computer and phone from a Conselyea Street apartment on Oct. 3.

The tenant left her building near Graham Avenue at noon, and returned six hours later to find her front window open and her stuff missing.

xBoxed out

A thief stole a computer and video game system from a Skillman Avenue apartment on Oct. 5.

The tenant left his apartment near Graham Avenue at 8:30 am, but when he returned four hours later, he saw that his front door was broken and his stuff was gone.


A thief stole a computer from a Greenpoint Avenue apartment while its tenant was working in the darkroom on Oct. 7.

The tenant heard footsteps inside the building near Franklin Street at 5:45 pm, but only realize what she heard 15 minutes later when she left the darkroom to find her computer gone.

— Aaron Short