More robberies at Ratner’s malls

Picked clean

Thieves were running wild at the Atlantic Terminal and Atlantic Center last week. Here’s what happened:

• A 20-year-old tried to swipe $6,378 from the Atlantic Avenue Pathmark on March 12, but was arrested after a brief chase.

The thief was inside the supermarket between Fort Greene Place and S. Portland Avenue at 7:30 am when he saw an employee emptying the self-serve cash registers. He grabbed the money and scooted out the door, only to be apprehended on Dean Street.

• A thief jumped a 15-year-old outside the Atlantic Center mall on March 7, taking his Blackberry cellphone. The teen was heading inside when the 3:25 pm robbery took place.

• A sticky fingered hooligan swiped a woman’s wallet on March 8 after bumping into her inside the Atlantic Avenue Pathmark. The victim told police that someone brushed by her at around 6:30 pm, but she didn’t realize her wallet had been lifted until much later.

• A goon snagged a purse from a woman shopping inside the Flatbush Avenue Target on March 12. The victim lost her bag, $1,500 and several credit cards during the 3:10 pm confrontation.

• A thief plucked a purse from a woman’s shopping cart inside the Flatbush Avenue Target on March 13. The woman left her cart for just a few moments at 11 am — just enough time for the thief to make off with $60, her wallet and her passport.

Reversal of fortune

A thief crept into a Lafayette Avenue home on March 9 only to be shown the door by a feisty 85-year-old woman inside.

The senior was alone in her home between St. James Place and Classon Avenue at 5 am when the thief forced open a window.

The burglar began looking for valuables, but quickly had a change of heart when the senior approached him.

“I am not going to hurt you,” the man said as the elderly woman ushered him out the door.

Robbed in park

A thug pulled a gun on a man in Fort Greene on March 12, taking $190.

The victim was sitting on the DeKalb Avenue side of the park near Fort Greene Place at 2:45 pm when the thief approached and flashed his weapon.

DeKalb dunce

A 17-year-old goon jumped a woman at the corner of S. Portland and DeKalb avenues on March 9 — only to be arrested seconds later.

The woman was nearing the corner at 7:20 pm when the thief grabbed her from behind.

The woman fell to the ground and started screaming, alerting nearby police.

Dollar devil

Five goons beat and robbed a 16-year-old boy for a dollar on March 7 during a harrowing confrontation on St. Edwards Street.

The victim was between Park and Myrtle avenues at 3:30 pm when the thieves punched him in the face and ran off with his Washington.

Swept away

A crook robbed a 30-year-old man sweeping outside his Grand Avenue home on March 13.

The thief stormed up to the street sweeper between Greene and Gates avenues at 7:35 am, moments before taking $25 off his victim.

Palms up

Two thieves were arrested on March 13 after they were caught swiping purses and cellphones from distracted Moe’s revelers on Lafayette Avenue.

Cops apprehended the 45-year-old suspect at midnight, moments after he plucked a woman’s handbag off a chair inside the watering hole between S. Elliott Place and S. Portland Avenue. His 36-year-old accomplice had a cellphone that disappeared off the bar earlier in the evening.