More violence in Fort Greene Park

Park pounding

Four thugs robbed and beat a man in Fort Greene Park on Sept. 24, getting his phone and cash.

The victim told cops that he was sitting in the park near DeKalb Avenue at 2:30 pm when the group of brutes approached him swinging and kicking. The perps made off with the money and a Blackberry, and left the victim with a battered and swollen face.

Knife attack

Some psycho slashed a man with a knife on Flatbush Avenue on Sept. 26.

The victim told police that he and a friend were arguing with a group of men near Atlantic Avenue at midnight when the thug pulled out a blade and slashed the victim in the neck and hand and then fled.

Gun-toting goon

A masked thug robbed a man at gunpoint on Carlton Avenue on Sept. 21.

The victim told cops that he was near DeKalb Avenue at 3:50 am when the jerk came up behind him and said, “Give me everything you got” and then flashed a gun. The victim handed over his iPhone and some cash.

Break bread

Two jerks stole a man’s iPhone on Lafayette Avenue on Sept. 21.

The victim told cops that he was near Clinton Avenue at 4 pm when the thugs approached and said, “Give me your bread. I know what you got.”

The creeps rifled the victim’s pockets and made of with the popular phone.


Two thugs robbed a man on Adelphi Street on Sept. 22.

The victim told police that he was near Fulton Street at 3:40 pm when the first jerk approached demanding his cellphone. The victim refused, but then thug number two came over and said, “You better give him the phone.”

The creeps then grabbed the device — plus $2 from the victim’s pockets.

Romeo burglary

Some jerk stole some electronics out of a Park Avenue apartment on Sept. 22.

The victim told police that the perp entered the apartment, which is near Washington Avenue, by climbing through the bedroom window at 9:30 am. The jerk grabbed a computer keyboard, mouse, and monitor before getting away.

Cell snatch

Some creep stole a phone out of a woman’s hands on Tillary Street on Sept. 23.

The victim told police that she was on her phone near Prince Street at 9:40 pm when the thief approached and said, “Look what you doing to me” before snatching the phone away and fleeing.

Car thefts

There were at least four vehicle thefts last week:

• Perps made off with a motorcycle that was parked on Washington Avenue near Atlantic Avenue on Sept. 20. The victim told cops that an alarm on the bike alerted him by text message that somebody was tampering with his motorcycle at 5:50 pm. A witness said that one helmet-wearing hooligan rode the bike away while the other fled on foot.

• Thieves stole a Suzuki motorcycle from Clermont Avenue overnight on Sept. 21. The victim told cops that he chained up the chopper near Park Avenue at noon, but when he returned at 1:15 pm the next day, the bike was missing.

• Perps jacked a Buick Regal from Carlton Avenue on Sept. 23. The victim told police that he left the car near Dekalb Avenue at 2 am, and when he returned six hours later, it was missing.

• Some speed-hungry heathen stole a Kawasaki motorcycle from Washington Avenue overnight on Sept. 23. The victim told cops that he left the bike near Myrtle Avenue at 8 pm. At 11 am the next morning, it was missing.