More wanton thuggery

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge-Dyker Heights

Chain snag

Two thugs ripped a chain off a 15-year-old boy’s neck during a violent clash on July 12.

The teen told police that he was nearing the corner of 69th Street and Eighth Avenue just before 12:30 am when the two suspects ran up and punched him in the face.

They ripped the chain off his neck and grabbed his cellphone before speeding off on bikes, police said.

Purse pincher

A thug nearly bowled a 79-year-old woman over in a harried purse snatching on Third Avenue on July 17.

The senior was between 99th and 100th streets just before midnight when the goon crept up from behind, snagged her bag and ran off with it, police were told.

Car raid

A thief broke into a 2008 Subaru on July 15 and took everything he could find — including the car’s Bumper Bully!

The 37-year-old motorist parked her car on 84th Street between Fourth and Fifth avenues at about 8:30 pm. She returned to it at 2 pm the next day to learn that her car had been forced open. Some jewelry, a navigation system and her bumper protection device were missing.

Gym jack

A sticky fingered thief made off with a man’s wallet as he worked out at a Dyker Heights gym on July 12.

The victim admitted to police that he didn’t put his gym bag in a locker as he worked out at the sweat shop on 13th Avenue and 65th Street at 10 pm, but rather kept it near him.

At the end of his work out, he found his bag open and his wallet and credit cards missing, police said.

Home raids

At least three addresses were broken into in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights last week. Here’s the rundown:

• A thief broke into a Dyker Heights home at 12:30 pm on July 16, taking not only $600, but $120 in those fashionable Eurodollars as well.

The 37-year-old resident explained to police that when he returned to his 80th Street home between 13th and 14th avenues at 6 pm he noticed someone had damaged his basement door. A side window had also been unlocked and open.

Other items removed included jewelry and some credit cards, cops were told.

• A 36-year-old returned to his 86th Street apartment on July 13 only to learn that a thief had entered the home between Ridge Boulevard and Third Avenue sometime after 11 am and taken a $1,000 camera, an iPod and a laptop computer.

• Two home wreckers tried to get into a 91st Street home on July 13, but scrambled off empty-handed.

Neighbors said the two men fled the 1 pm break-in between Colonial Road and Ridge Boulevard after the alarm went off.

— Thomas Tracy

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