‘Moses booted Dem Bums from Bklyn’

To the editor,

Take a trip down memory lane to understand that if had not been for mega builder Robert Moses, the Brooklyn Dodgers might not have left the Big Apple in 1957 for California (“Before it was an arena…” Banking on Barclays, Sept. 20).

The golden era of baseball in New York City took place in the 50’s with a three way rivalry between the American League Bronx Yankees, National League New York Giants, and the Brooklyn Dodgers.

All three teams claimed to have the best center fielder in baseball. On street corners all over town, citizens would argue whether the Yankees’ Mickey Mantle, Giants’ Willie Mays, or Dodgers’ Duke Snider was champ. Working and middle class men and woman of all ages, classes, and races co-mingled in the stands. Everyone could afford a bleacher, general admission, reserve, or box seat. Hot dogs, beer, other refreshments, and souvenirs were reasonably priced. Team owners would raise or reduce a player’s salary based on their performance the past season.

Salaries were so low that many players worked at another job off-season. Many players were actually neighbors who lived and worked in various communities around the city. Residents of that era sat outside on the neighborhood stoop, and shopped at the local butcher, baker, and grocer. Television was a relatively new technology and the local movie theater was still king for entertainment.

During the 1950s, Brooklyn Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley tried to find various locations for construction of a new baseball stadium which he pledged to finance using his own monies. With limited seating capacity at Ebbets Field, he needed a new modern stadium to remain financially viable.

Master mega-builder Robert Moses refused to allow him access to the current-day Barclays Center site. This location was easily accessible to thousands of baseball fans from all around the Big Apple via numerous subway lines.

Thousands of fans who moved to eastern Queens, Nassau and Suffolk County would have had direct access via the Long Island Rail Road.

Imagine how different Brooklyn would have been if elected officials had stood up to Robert Moses and allowed construction of a new Dodgers stadium in downtown Brooklyn.

Larry Penner

Great Neck, N.Y.

‘Veto’ Vito

To the editor,

Assemblyman Vito Lopez (D–WIlliamsburg) has been in the State Assembly for 28 years, and is a potential heavyweight in WIlliamsburg.

His arch-enemy Lincoln Restler, a Democratic district leader, is a lightweight who is somewhat inexperienced, and also less sexperienced. Lopez was clearly blind in not knowing that underaged staffers were not his kind.

Whether Restler emerges victorious or not, he will have already performed a vital public service by helping Lopez to retire and see that he is not rehired.

Sad to say, but it’s time for the voters to veto Vito for a 15th term, and for him to call it a day.

Elliott Abosh

Brighton Beach

Market blues

To the editor,

It’s really a shame that the Met Foods supermarket is closing due to the fact that the rent has been raised.

As we are aware, stores are not subject to any form of rent regulations. Therefore, when their leases are up, they can get any amount of increase. Something has to be done about this. Will our politicians respond? Probably not since the vast majority of them are landlords themselves, or receive lots of money from real estate interest groups.

Everyone complains when the unions give money to politicians, how about directing your anger at landlords who give plenty to politicians?

Where is the mayor on this issue? That’s a rhetorical question since we know that his pals are the wealthy landlords in this town so he will do nothing for residential and store owning tenants.

Ed Greenspan

Sheepshead Bay

Prez O–lamo

To the editor,

Now that the latest round of attacks against our diplomats and diplomatic installations has begun and is spreading, we need to go back to 1978 and the failure of former President Carter, the mean-spirited, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, poor-excuse-for-a-president, and his failure to take immediate, effective, permanent measures to free the hostages, punish the Iranian regime for their barbaric, criminal acts and to insure that there would be no reoccurrences.

There are world-wide protocols in place that require a host nation to protect diplomats and physical installations. Even though the Iranian government was in a state of flux, Iran still had an army, a police force and an infrastructure still functioning. They could have fulfilled their responsibility to protect our embassy and people. When the ayatollahs took power, they reinstated shariah law, and renewed tribal customs and rivalries that have existed for many centuries.

The only thing which did evolve is their use of modern weaponry, which they use very adeptly to murder their perceived enemies. The fact is, that the 1978 crisis ended Carter’s chances for re-election. These blatantly criminal acts have never been addressed by the U.N. Subsequent acts against our diplomats have never been responded to effectively by any president, except Reagan.

These acts continue at an alarming rate for several reasons. The people who commit these acts do not fear us because there has never been any real response. Sanctions do not work because the Islamic world see it as them against us. So, while they may sign on for sanctions, secretly they continue business as usual.

Even some of our European allies do not enforce sanctions. President Clinton would not let anything get in the way of his domestic programs — even Somalia. During the Iran-Contra affair, then-Sen. Al Gore was trying to humiliate Col. Oliver North at a hearing, and was advised by Col. North that the most evil person in the world was a man named Osama Bin Laden, to which Gore scoffed, “You are afraid of one man?” Col. North replied that while Sen. Gore may not fear him, he should.

History has proven how evil this man was, (and how out of touch Gore was). President Obama is now in the same position that Carter was in 34 years ago. He responds to the present crisis similarly. He apologizes to our enemies, sends mixed messages, makes vague threats of getting those responsible, but takes no real action. A real leader would not have killed the pipeline deal, banned U.S. companies from drilling in the Gulf of Mexico (but it’s wide open to everyone else), or refused to allow developing countries our vast domestic oil resources. Had all of these things been done 10 years ago, we would now be independent of O.P.E.C. oil and we wouldn’t need to even be in the Middle East.

Why we continue to give these nations who hate us and everything about us, I will never understand. They don’t want us there, and we don’t want to be there. But we are there and so long as we have diplomatic posts they must be protected. Obviously, diplo-speak does not impress them. Bunker-buster bombs blowing up nuclear facilities, infrastructure, and military capabilities does impress them.

It’s high time that the U.S. impress upon these thugs that we are not to be trifled with — in such a way that they will never forget that we know where they live, and we might return if necessary. Personally, I don’t care if they don’t like America or Americans, as long as they respect us and understand that there are limits to what we will tolerate. For this one reason only, if President Obama cannot handle this situation, he deserves to be a one-term president.

David F. Podesta

Marine Park

Ballot soapbox

To the editor,

I remember when I voted for the first time. How excited I was thinking that I’d make my opinion heard by my local politicians.

One thing I remember was voting straight down the party line. The first reason was he or she were my party, and the second reason he or she were the same ethnic background. That was then, and to vote the other party was a major sin.

I don’t remember when I lost the desire I felt then — that there was no difference between the two parties, so why even bother. Often there was a political scandal dealing with one of my local politicians. This of course didn’t sit well with me, and I’d even say with other voters as well.

Why does it seem we’re the worst voting free country in the world?

Wouldn’t it be nice for third parties to run in the primaries as well as in the general election? What I wish we had was the vote of no confidence, like in England and other countries, since there are many elected officials I’d love to see out of office.

When I hear the politicians talk about affordable housing time after time has anyone heard of a figure of what a tenant ought to pay. It’s no wonder less and less vote — I wonder why?

It would be to the benefit to others to have many other points of view so one can make a real and honest choice for who they would like to represent them.

Name withheld by request

‘A’ for D’Angelo

To the editor,

I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with the education my daughter is receiving at David A. Boody Junior High School.

It all starts with our most competent and hardworking Principal Dominick D’Angelo. He possesses a drive to constantly improve upon the standards of his school and its students. It is so impressive to see how he helps his students meet the challenges of middle school.

He is so patient and understanding as he guides his students through the tough transition from grade school to middle school.

Principal D’Angelo motivates his middle school students, instilling in them the qualities they will need to become the leaders of our youth. He never seems to be off duty and it is evident that he works very long hours. He is truly a credit to his profession.

Principal D’Angelo has my complete respect and admiration. I particularly appreciate his concern and sensitivity towards all his students. I would like to pass my thanks on to him because he deserves major recognition for his tremendous efforts.

David A. Boody’s Magnet Program offers a superior academic program, along with many outstanding educators who are committed to all their students.

I want you to know how impressed I am with David A. Boody, especially with Principal D’Angelo, and how highly I think of his efforts towards his staff, parents, and students. He is to be commended for his outstanding work and dedication. His motto is “Eyes on Excellence.” He has my sincere thanks and appreciation. I am sure others feel the way I do.

Lisa Wadler


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