Mostly boring burglaries, frankly

Burg meisters

There were at least three burglaries last week. Here’s a roundup:

• A thief got a computer and a fancy ring out of a Park Place apartment on Aug. 30. The tenant told cops that she left the unit, which is between Fifth and Sixth avenues, at around 12:30 pm and returned nine hours later to discover the missing laptop and white gold ring. There was no sign of forced entry.

• A hand truck was swiped out of a deliveryman’s van on Seventh Avenue on Aug. 30. The man told cops that he was making a quick stop at the corner of Fourth Street at 8:10 am, but when he got back to the truck, the labor-saving standup wheelbarrow was gone.

• A thief allegedly broke into one of the apartments in the YMCA on Ninth Street on Aug. 31, swiping cash from a tenant’s drawer. The resident said that the theft occurred in the apartment, which is between Fifth and Sixth avenues, just after midnight, though it is not clear whether he was there or not.

Wheel trouble

At least two cars were swiped last week:

• Ungallant thieves stole a Mitsubishi Galant from 15th Street on Sept. 1. The owner told cops that she had parked the 2002 vehicle between Second and Third avenues at around 3:20 pm and left the keys under the passenger seat — a technique commonly referred to as “the fool’s move.” When she returned just six minutes later, the car was gone.

• A thief hit the mother lode when he stole a Honda Accord from Fifth Avenue on Aug. 31. The owner told cops that he’d parked the once-fancy car between Sixth and Seventh streets at around 6:40 pm, but it — and the cellphone, suit bag, golf clubs and wine holder in the trunk — was gone when he returned three minutes later.

Glass fault

At least two cars were broken into, yielding quite a haul for thieves:

• An iPad and an iTouch were swiped from a Toyota that had been parked on Fifth Avenue between President and Carroll streets on Sept. 3 at 5:45 pm. Both high-tech gizmos — and their redundancies — were gone by the time the owner returned half an hour later. The thief also got $20.

• A Georgia company had a laptop stolen out of a company car near tony Prospect Park West on Aug. 21. The company representative told cops that he parked the Dodge Charger near Fourth Street at around 4 pm, but the laptop was gone from the trunk when he returned four hours later.

— Gersh Kuntzman