Motel’s TV caper

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens

Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Hot screens

A guest at the hotel at the mouth of the Battery Tunnel left jaws agape when he stole two big TVs on June 22.

Cops said that the thief checked into one room inside the Brooklyn Motor Inn, which is at Hamilton Avenue and Woodhull Street, at around 12:15 am, but by 5 am, two 40-inch TVs had been stolen, complete with their mounting brackets.

140 Hamilton Ave.

Teen shot

A 24-year-old shot a teenager inside the Red Hook Houses early on June 27, but was arrested hours later.

Cops said that the 17-year-old was shot in the torso at around 4 am on Mill Street between Henry and Hicks streets, and the shooter fled while his victim was taken to Lutheran Medical Center with injuries that were not likely to claim his life.

He eventually gave cops enough information to pick up the shooter, who was arrested by Officer Edward Cesario at 11 am and charged with assault, menacing and weapons possession

21 Mill St.

With a gun

A thug with a gun barged into a King Street trading company, ordered everyone to the floor, and stole $240 on June 24.

Cops said that the gunman entered the business, which is between Van Brunt and Conover streets, at around 4:40 pm and told everyone to get down.

“Where is the money!” he yelled until one worker directed him to $200 in a nearby cubicle. He grabbed that cash, plus a wallet that had $40 in it, and fled.

144 King St.

Stray bullet

A man was hit in his leg by a bullet on Baltic Street on June 25.

The victim took a taxi to Long Island College Hospital at around 1:30 am, claiming he had heard shots seconds before he felt a searing pain in his leg.

414 Baltic St.

Funny money

A thief stole a safe, containing $25,400, from a Fourth Place apartment on June 25.

The 42-year-old widow told cops that she was not inside the apartment, which is between Clinton and Court streets, from 8 am until 12:35 pm, when she returned to find her safe missing.

Cops were astounded at the size of the haul, which included a laptop and cellphone for good measure.

“That’s a lot of cash,” one precinct source said.

81 Fourth Pl.

Quick pick

It only took a burglar 10 minutes to enter a Clinton Street apartment, take a laptop and cash, and get out on June 26.

The tenant in the apartment, which is between Degraw and Kane streets, said he was not home from 5:55 pm-6:05 pm.

353 Clinton St.

Tripping out

A thief took advantage of a harried traveler, taking a suitcase that had been left in the foyer of a Luquer Street building on June 20.

The victim said that she had been running up and down the stairs to get all her bags together for the voyage at around 8 am. On one trip downstairs, she noticed that her bag, containing $200, a camera and a pair of diamond earrings, was gone from the building, which is at Court Street.

166 Luquer St.

Ikea blues

Yet another purse has been swiped from the Ikea superstore on Beard Street.

This time, the victim told cops that she’d left her pocketbook unattended for just a few minutes around 3:35 pm on June 21.

She lost cards, an iPod, $100 and a Metrocard with $2.25 on it.

1 Beard St.

Checked it out

A thief stole two checks from an apartment in which he was doing some construction, made them out to himself, then refused to pay back the money when he was caught.

Cops said that the thief was working inside the woman’s apartment on Henry Street near Kane Street between June 11 and June 24, when she noticed that two unauthorized $1,000 checks — both made out by, and in the hand of, the sleazy contractor — had come back.

When she confronted the louse, he said he’d repay the money, but he never did.

430 Henry St.

Liberty or debt

A thief stole a Jeep Liberty that had been parked on Hoyt Street near Sackett Street on June 18.

The driver said he went to retrieve the wheels at noon on June 19 only to find them gone — along with his EZ Pass, beach chair, hand truck and cellphone charger and headphone.

287 Hoyt St.

Bike missinger

A thief tried to gersh a bike on Congress Street on June 25, but fled without success and was later collared.

The victim said he saw the perp try to get his bike off of its chain at night between Hicks and Henry streets, and sidled over to inquire.

That’s when the perp bolted — but he was later arrested with burglar tools.

123 Congress St.

Second coming

Thieves pulled a gun on a man on Smith Street on June 23, taking all sorts of electronic goodies.

The victim told cops that he was near Huntington Street at around 10 pm when a man pulled a gun on him and demanded his stuff.

The thief got an iPod, watch, and Motorola Droid phone.

Huntington and Smith streets

— Gersh Kuntzman

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