Motorist arrested after near run in with NYPD truck

Talk about a wild ride!

A wayward motorist picked the wrong vehicle to cut off on May 12 when he zipped in front of an NYPD Emergency Services Unit truck on the Prospect Expressway — sparking a low-speed police chase along Ocean Parkway.

Cops finally caught up with motorist Yehuda Bernstein, 39, at Beverly Road and Ocean Parkway after he blew through several red lights during the short chase, officials said.

But the fun wasn’t over: the Emergency Services team yanked the defiant Bernstein out of his car kicking and screaming in order to handcuff him and charge him with misdemeanor reckless endangerment. Bernstein refused to let go of his steering wheel when cops converged on him, witnesses said.

Bernstein’s confrontation with police began at 12:40 pm when his Lincoln MKS cut off an Emergency Services truck heading toward Church Avenue on the Prospect Expressway.

The driver of the Emergency Services truck nearly collided with Bernstein’s vehicle, then hit his sirens, ordering him to pull over.

Bernstein refused — and the chase ensued.

— Thomas Tracy

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