Moving day turns tragic

Job jack

Some jerk stole electronics and cash out of an unlocked moving van on Seventh Avenue on Sept. 15.

The driver told cops that he had parked the vehicle between Garfield Place and First Street at 5:30 pm and left to move some boxes. When he returned at 7:15 pm, his navigation device, iPod, and $400 were missing.

Rapid rob

A group of thugs entered a Fourth Avenue apartment and quickly made off with more $3,000 worth of electronics on Sept. 17.

The victim told cops that she was inside her apartment, which is between 11th and 12th streets, when the creeps came in through the unlocked front door at 10 am. A mere five minutes later, they fled toting a laptop, iPod, camera, cash, and credit cards.

Car thefts

It was a bad week for cars and their owners:

• A thief stole a 2008 Audi van from Third Street overnight on Sept. 15. The victim told police that she parked the car between Seventh and Eighth avenues at 7 pm and returned at 8 am the next morning.

• Another ancient Honda Civic was stolen, this time from Fifth Avenue overnight on Sept 16. The vicitim told cops that he left his 13-year-old car between 13th and 14th streets at 11:30 pm and it was gone 12 hours later.

• Some Honda-hungry loser stole an 2006 CRV parked on Third Street overnight on Sept. 16. The victim said that she left the car between Fourth and Fifth avenues at 4 pm, but it was gone by 8 am the next morning.

— Joe Anuta