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Moving violation

Apparently, the guy really needed help moving.

Someone sneaked into the Park Avenue lot of a company that specializes in renting moving trucks and made off with one of the heavy-duty haulers on July 9.

The lot, which is near Hall Street, was robbed at 2:30 pm. Police have made one arrest so far, but have not recovered the truck.

Tug o’ bag

A mugger made off with a woman’s purse on July 10, partly due to faulty manufacturing.

The 38-year-old victim was walking on Greene Avenue at around midnight. As she approached Clermont Avenue, the perp came up from behind and grabbed her handbag.

The woman wasn’t about to let him have it, and they pulled back and forth until the handles broke off in the woman’s hand.

There was no money in the bag, but the mugger got a $600 cellphone.

Lap o’ luxury

Early on July 9, a thief broke into a man’s 2000 Ferrari, which had been parked on the corner of Fort Greene Place and DeKalb Avenue. The perp broke a window and took a $1,200 laptop and a $300 digital camera out of the luxury car.


The man parked his gray 2006 Acura sedan near the corner of Clermont and Lafayette avenues at 9:30 pm on July 10, but when he came back 90 minutes later, it had vanished.

Bottled-up rage

An argument between a pair of sisters and another woman took a violent turn on July 12.

The verbal dispute, which occurred in the courtyard of a building on Fulton Street between Adelphi and Clermont avenues, got physical when the woman broke a bottle and went after the sisters, aged 19 and 20. One was struck in the nose, and the other was raked across her face, causing lacerations on her eye.

The police canvassed the area and found a susect on a nearby corner. She resisted arrest, violently flailing her arm about, cops said.

Beggar basher

A beggar slugged a man in the face after the man declined his request for a dollar on July 12.

The victim was walking on Carlton Avenue between Atlantic Avenue and Fulton Street at around 6:45 pm when a stranger approached and asked for the buck.

When the man declined, the panhandler punched him in the face hard enough to cause swelling and bleeding from the mouth, cops said.

The attacker ran off without getting his dollar.

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