Mugged at gunpoint for an iPhone

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens–Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Gunpoint mug

A trio of thugs pulled a gun on a 39-year-old in a scary mugging at the corner of Richards and Dykeman streets on Aug. 15.

The robbers demanded the victim’s property and one of the thieves pulled out a black firearm at 8:57 pm.

The victim handed over $1,550, his iPhone 4, a Coach messenger bag, a wallet, credit cards, and IDs.

Cops surveyed the neighborhood but couldn’t find the muggers.

Call dropped

Two perps held up a 22-year-old on Court Street on Aug. 12 — but dropped the victim’s valuables in the aftermath of the assault.

One of the assailants grabbed the victim at 11:38 pm at the corner of Kane Street, and the other began punching him with closed fists, knocking him to the ground.

The two perps grabbed the victim’s iPhone, HTC cellphone, and $15 — then fled.

But the victim was able to recover his belongings at the scene, police say.

— Ben Muessig