Mugged at knifepoint for a bike!

94th Precinct


Bike theft

Knife-wielding thugs stole a BMX bike from a teenager on Manhattan Avenue on Aug. 22.

The teen told cops that he was near Leonard Street at 10:30 when two thieves stopped him at knifepoint, grabbed the purple racing bike and sped off.

Phoney baloney

A thief swiped a man’s iPhone on N. Fifth Street on Aug. 23.

The victim was near Havemeyer Street at 12:30 am when the thug approached, placed him in a choke hold, and said, “Don’t move, don’t scream.”

Then he grabbed the man’s cellphone and fled.

Humble pie

A thief snatched a woman’s phone on Humboldt Street on Aug. 25.

The victim told police that she was near Skillman Avenue when she was approached by two men who snatched her phone and purse, which contained a make-up kit, credit cards and her house keys.


A pair of gun-toting bandits stole hundreds of dollars from a Manhattan Avenue bodega on Aug. 25.

A thugs entered the deli, which is at Green Street, at 4:10 am, brandished a firearm, grabbed a worker and demanded cash before raiding the till of $370.

Subway hi-jinks

A man made off with a L-train rider’s cellphone at the Lorimer Street station on Aug. 24.

The straphanger was exiting at Metropolitan Avenue at 10:05 pm when a man yanked her iPhone away and took off running.

Bad commerce

A thief swiped a treasure trove of electronics from a car on Commercial Street on Aug. 24.

The owner said that he parked near Box Street at 11 pm and returned four hours later to find his passenger window broken and his navigation system, laptop, iPad and backpack missing.

Wheel bad

Two cars and a motorcycle were stolen last week. Here are the details:

• A 1994 Jeep Cherokee was stolen from Green Street. The owner said that he parked it between Franklin Street and Manhattan Avenue at 7 pm on Aug. 23 and returned the next morning to find it gone.

• A thief swiped a 2008 Toyota Matrix from Engert Avenue overnight on Aug. 26. The car’s owner said that he parked near Humboldt Street at 4:45 pm and returned 10 hours later to an empty space.

• A Suzuki motorcycle was stolen from N. 11th Street on Aug. 25. The bike was left between Bedford and Driggs avenues at 10:45 pm but gone by 3 pm.


Burglars broke into a home on Humboldt Street on Aug 26. and made off with expensive equipment and jewelry from two units.

One resident told police that she left her apartment between Withers and Frost streets at 7 am. She returned 11 hours later to discover that her front door had been pried open and her computer, television, camera and jewelry were missing.

Another tenant said that he was not home between 5 pm and 10:30 pm, when he returned to find a cache of Canon cameras missing.

Cellar dweller

A burglar broke into a Kent Street home through the basement on Aug. 26, and made off with a liquor stash and some cash.

The resident told cops that the thief cut a lock on the building’s cellar door around 2:10 am, then returned to the home on the corner of Franklin Street one hour later, proceeded upstairs and stole the liquor and $350.

— Daniel Bush