Mugged for his headphones

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Fulton mug

Two thugs mugged a teenager on Fulton Street on April 17.

The victim said he was near Gallatin Place at 5:30 pm when the men corned him. One of them pointed to his headphones and said, “Give me your beats,” according to the police report.

Then the thugs punched him, stole his headphones, wallet, and sweater, and fled.

The victim was not seriously injured in the attack, according to the police.

Train pain

An armed thug stole $20 from a straphanger at the Borough Hall station on April 16.

The victim said he was riding a Manhattan-bound two train at 6:30 am when the crook got on at the Borough Hall stop, flashed his gun and demanded money. The terrified subway rider said he handed over the cash, and the thug got off the train.

Cellar dweller

A thief stole power tools from the basement of a Pineapple Street home on April. 9.

The occupant said he left the basement of the building between Hicks and Henry streets at 4 pm. When he returned that evening, a hammer and two power saws were missing.

Copper heist

Crooks stole copper from a Washington Street construction site on April 20.

The manager of the project, between Plymouth and Water streets, said he left the site after locking it up at 4 pm.

He told cops that he returned at 1:45 am on April 21 after being notified that the building had lost power, and discovered that crooks cut off the building’s electricity and removed $100 worth of copper wire.

Gym rat

A thief stole a wallet from a locker at the Planet Fitness gym on Duffield Street on April 19.

The victim told cops he left the wallet in his locker at the gym between Fulton and Willoughby streets before going to workout at 8 am. When he returned an hour later, the locker was open and the wallet was no longer there.

Bad picture

A crook swiped a camera from a DUMBO restaurant on April 21. The victim told police she set the camera down inside of the eatery near the corner of Main and Water streets at 12:15 pm. When she returned 15 minutes later, the digital device was gone.

Purse cursed

A thief stole a woman’s pocketbook inside a Fulton Street store on April 20.

The shopper told police she entered the store between Hanover Place and Bond Street at 2:40 pm. When she opened her purse after leading the store 20 minutes later, the wallet was missing.

Cell swipe

A crook stole a woman’s purse at a Smith Street bar on April 12.

The victim said she was at the bar between Wyckoff and Warren streets at midnight. She left her purse unattended while she used the restroom. When she returned moments later, the bag was missing.

Bodega filch

Someone swiped a woman’s cellphone on Water Street on April 19. The victim told police she was near Bridge Street at noon when the thief grabbed her iPhone and ran off.

— Daniel Bush