Mugged on the way to the Laundromat

Clean team

Three vile bad guys — one with a gun — mugged a man as he walked to a Laundromat on Dec. 15, and then forced him back to his Stagg Street home, where they took even more stuff.

The victim told cops that he was near his apartment, which is near Bushwick Avenue, at around 9:30 pm when the thieves approached.

“Give me your money,” said the one with the gun. The man handed over everything in his pockets — his wallet, phone and keys — but these bandits weren’t done yet.

“What building do you live in?” said one member of the trio.

Vastly outnumbered, the victim had not choice but to walk with them back to his apartment, where the thugs took two laptops, a fancy camera, an iPod, and even his Metrocard.

One of the thieves got his comeuppance the next day, but cops are still hunting the other two.

Grinches at work

Holiday spoilsports were pussy-footing into homes and businesses — not to put presents under the tree, but to take them away. Here’s a roundup:

• A thief tried to steal four space heaters from a Havemeyer Street architecture firm during the afternoon on Dec. 16, but before he could finish the job, an employee returned and called the police, who arrested him.

• Burglars broke into the Front Room Gallery while employees were away from 11 am until 3 pm on Dec. 18. The thieves broke through the locked back door of the art space which is on Roebling Street near Hope Street, and took an Apple laptop and two DVD players.

• A trusting French citizen — who probably didn’t even know the story of the Grinch — left her Havemeyer Street apartment unlocked when she went out to the store at 12:30 pm on Dec. 20. She returned to her apartment, which is near S. First Street, an hour later to find that the burglar had taken two laptops, her passport, a cellphone, credit cards, $90 and a $350 fountain pen.

Lump of stole

Two children received lumps of coal in their stockings this week — and so did one naughty naughty boy:

• A thug stole the iPod from a 12-year-old girl at the bus stop on Lorimer Street and Broadway at around 5 pm on Dec. 18.

• Another pre-teen was at the corner of Meserole and Lorimer streets, on his way to school at 7:25 am on Dec. 21, when a man walked up, razor in hand and demanded his cellphone. Even before the kid could comply, the thug threw the student to the ground, causing a fracture in his arm. He then ran off without taking anything.

• A very naughty 14-year-old got what was coming to him on Dec. 21. The thug was at the Hewes stop on the J train at around 3:40 pm when he grabbed a cellphone from another 14-year-old and took off while the train was still stopped. A witness gave chase and stopped the teen at the corner of S. Fifth and Hooper street, where cops cuffed him.

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