Mugged twice in the same night!

Double robbery

A thug robbed his unlucky victim twice in the same night on Oct 24, but was apprehended after the second mugging on Grand Street.

The perp approached his victim on 12:45 am near Graham Avenue and demanded cash — a few hours after robbing him of $200 while brandishing a knife on Bushwick Avenue near Meserole Street at 10:50 pm earlier that night.

The victim obliged and gave $100, but police caught up with the ubiquitous thief two hours later.

W’burg choke

Two perps choked and robbed a man on the Williamsburg Bridge walkway on Oct. 22, stealing his phone.

The perps approached the man as he was walking towards Williamsburg at 10 pm when one wrapped his arm around his neck as the other said, “Give me your phone — you know what’s right,” in Spanish.

The victim surrendered his phone, and one perp said, “Do not follow us” as both ran down Bedford Avenue.

Lorimer robbery

Four thugs stole a man’s cash and his date’s phone at gunpoint on Oct. 22 as they headed to a Lorimer Street restaurant — but the posse was later nabbed.

The gang approached the couple at 9 pm near Meserole Street demanding property. One member of the group waved a silver firearm, and the victims gave up $120 and an iPhone.

The perps ran away but police apprehended them a few hours later.

Cymbals taken

A thief broke into a van parked on Orient Avenue overnight on Oct. 21 and stole a pair of cymbals in the back seat.

The driver had parked near Metropolitan Avenue at 10 pm, but when he returned seven hours later, he found that his van door had been drilled and his $1,200 cymbals missing.

Keyboard taken

A thief broke into a Honda parked on Manhattan Avenue overnight on Oct. 21 and stole both the car and the electronic keyboard in the back seat.

The driver had parked near Meserole Street at 4:30 pm. When he returned at 6:15 am the next day, the car was gone.


A thief broke into a S. First Street apartment on Oct. 20 and stole its tenants’ cameras and laptops.

The residents told cops that they left their apartment near Keap Street at 8:45 am and returned eight hours later to find both of their computers and digital cameras missing.

Scholes assault

A thug slashed his victim’s eye on Scholes Street on Oct. 19.
The victim told cops that he was near Humboldt Street at 1:45 am when he got into a fight with his future assailant. At some point, the dispute became violent, and the thug pulled out a blade and cut his victim above his eye and on the right side of his nose.

The perp fled and the victim was taken to Wyckoff Hospital and treated.

TV taken

A perp broke into a Metropolitan Avenue apartment and stole a flat-screen TV while its victim was on vacation.

The tenant left his apartment on Oct. 14 and returned on Oct. 19 to find his TV gone.

Art robbery

A perp broke into a Grand Street art studio on Oct. 22 and stole $6,000 worth of cameras and lenses.

The tenant left his studio near Morgan Avenue at 10 pm to go home, but when he returned 13 hours later, he found all his equipment missing.

Laptop larceny

A thief broke into a car on Powers Street on Oct. 23 and stole $2,000 worth of property.

The driver parked near Olive Street at 12:45 am and returned seven hours later to find his driver’s-side window smashed open and his computer and car stereo gone.

DJ larceny

A thief broke into a Honda on Humboldt Street on Oct. 23 and stole the DJ equipment inside.

The driver parked near Scholes Street at 3:30 am and returned eight hours later to find the smashed rear window, and that a laptop and DJ cable effects pedal had been stolen.