Mugger drags senior to the ground

Senior attacked

A 23-year-old thug was arrested on April 15 after he dragged an 87-year-old woman to the ground during a purse snatching on Bevy Court in Gerritsen Beach.

The elderly woman was between Devon and Everett avenues at 3:11 pm when the thief jumped her. He ran off with her property, only to find a greater challenge — two police officers —a short time later.

iPad pluck

A thief snagged an iPad from a 23-year-old straphanger waiting for a train at the 62nd Street station on April 7.

The victim was tinkering with his smart tablet on the platform near New Utrecht Avenue at 9:40 pm when the thief punched him in the face, snagged the fancy computer, and fled the station.

Paramedics took the victim to Coney Island Hospital for treatment.

Five spot fiend

A thief pulled a gun on a 61-year-old man during an April 12 mugging on Bay Parkway — but he only made off with $5 and a set of keys.

The victim was exiting a deli near 71st Street at 11:30 pm when the suspect pulled his weapon and demanded everything in his pockets.

Beaten and dragged

Two teenage thugs were arrested following a violent April 11 purse snatching on Bay 13th Street.

The victim was between Benson and Bath avenues at 10:40 pm when the thieves jumped her from behind, snagging her bag.

The goons beat the woman to the ground before scooping up her handbag and running off — only to be arrested a short time later.

School pains

A 20-year-old was arrested in New Utrecht High School on April 14 after he attacked a 16-year-old — leaving the student with two deep gashes.

Witnesses said the brute was arguing with his victim on the fourth floor of the 80th Street school at 16th Avenue at 12:40 pm when he lashed out with a metal object.

The thug was arrested a short time later, but his weapon was never recovered. It was unclear what the 20-year-old was doing in the school at the time of the attack.

Club robbing

A thief broke into Sheepshead Bay’s Miramar Yacht Club on April 13, raiding a lockbox containing $200 in checks.

Club employees said the thief entered the club office sometime after 5:50 pm by removing a glass panel from a rear door.

Caught in the act

Two creeps tried to raid an 84-year-old woman’s Shore Parkway home on April 14 — but were caught in the act.

The daughter of the senior entered the home, which is near 14th Avenue, at 12:01 am — only to find the two thieves fleeing out of an open window, empty-handed.

Up in smoke

A thief in a hoodie raided Smoke Stax on 18th Avenue on April 6, taking more than $52,000.

Workers at the store, which is near 66th Street, said the thief, who was caught on camera, pried open the front door sometime after 11 pm, and removed $2,400 from the register, as well as a safe containing $50,000.

iPhone snag

A pair of punks beat a man on a city bus on April 15 for the iPhone he was playing with as the bus rolled past the corner of 86th Street and Avenue V.

The victim was on the bus at 9:20 am when the thieves attacked — only to be arrested after fleeing the bus with the Smartphone.

Raking it in

A 33-year-old burglar was arrested on April 16 after he tried to break into a Village Road South home with a rake handle.

The thief was arrested at 10:30 pm after witnesses saw him using the rake handle to pry open a window to the home, which is between McDonald Avenue and Stryker Street.

Cabin raid

Thieves broke into a car parked on McDonald Avenue on April 15, taking a driver’s license and a credit card.

The items were removed from the car sometime before 4 pm as the car sat between Avenue U and Gravesend Neck Road.

Devilish deed

A brazen thief swiped a purse from a 38-year-old woman’s car on Shore Parkway on April 15 — while she was inside!

The victim was sitting in her car near Emmons Avenue, talking on her cellphone at 7:45 pm, when the thief yanked open the rear passenger door and grabbed the bag.

Phone grabbers

A crew of thugs jumped a man on a D train heading into the Bay Parkway station on April 7, taking his cellphone.

The victim was stepping onto the station at 86th Street at 2:38 pm when the thieves attacked.

Cleaned out

A thief broke into a West End Avenue construction site on April 7, taking a washer and dryer.

Workers said that the theft took place sometime after 9:30 pm, when the site was closed down for the night. The thief cut a metal latch to the construction fence in order to get inside.

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