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Mugging near the Pratt Institute

Fierce turn

A thug surprised a woman walking behind him at the corner of Greene Avenue and St. James Place on March 2 when he did a quick about face and pointed a gun at her.

The victim was leaving the Pratt University campus at 2:45 am when the thief flashed his weapon and robbed her of $30.

Park punks

Five thugs jumped a 13-year-old boy in Fort Greene Park on March 1, taking his cellphone.

The victim was nearing the corner of Myrtle and N. Portland avenues at 4:30 pm when the thieves forced him to give up his Blackberry.

Salon robbed

Three filthy-fingered thugs raided a Fulton Avenue nail salon on March 1, taking $108 in traveler’s checks.

Workers at the store between St. James and Cambridge places said that the thieves barreled in at 2:40 pm, flashed a gun and ran off with the loot.

Lady looter

A gun-toting young woman held up a teenager on Fort Greene Place on March 3, taking his iPod.

The victim was on his way to school at 8:47 pm when the lady looter grabbed him from behind between DeKalb Avenue and Fulton Street.

“Are you trying to play me?” the woman asked as she showed her gun and rifled the teen’s pockets, taking the music player.

Popped for cell

A punk punched a 16-year-old in the nose during a March 2 mugging at the corner of Fort Greene Park and DeKalb Avenue.

The thief ran off with his victim’s $50 cellphone following the 2:20 pm exchange.

Two on one

A pair of crooks pulled a gun on an 18-year-old woman near the corner of N. Elliott and Auburn places, taking her wallet and cellphone.

The victim was on her way to visit a friend at 6 pm when the thieves approached.

“Give me what you got,” one of the thieves demanded before running off with her property.

Mugger celled

A 23-year-old was arrested after he tried to rob another man at the corner of Washington and Lafayette avenues on March 1.

The victim was nearing the corner at 10:30 pm when the thug approached, demanding $12.

The victim refused and the thief punched him — right in front of police.

Cops carted the outraged thief off to jail, but not before he kicked out a window on their police cruiser.

Bar fly

A thief palmed a 28-year-old woman’s wallet on March 6 as his victim celebrated inside a Myrtle Avenue bar.

The victim was in the local watering hole at Washington Avenue at 1 am when she left her wallet on the bar. When she returned for it a few moments later, it was gone, she told police.

Car bomb

A thief broke into a 2001 Ford Escort near Willoughby Avenue and Ashland Place on March 2 as its owner worked out at a local gym.

The victim told police that someone bashed in the passenger-side window and removed his wallet and car radio between 1:30 and 3:30 pm.

Sputtering out

A thief swiped a 2010 Toyota Rav 4 on Myrtle Avenue on March 3 — but cops caught his joyride shortly thereafter.

Police nabbed the man inside the stolen car after the 11 am theft between Prince and Navy streets.

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