Mugging on Manhattan Avenue

94th Precinct


Cold crook

A thug mugged a man on Manhattan Avenue on Dec. 18.

The victim said he was near Greenpoint Avenue at around 3 am when the perp confronted him, demanding his money, credit cards, and coat. The victim complied, but the punk punched him anyway before fleeing.


A thief stole two laptops from a woman’s car that was parked on Berry Street on Dec. 29.

The victim parked her car near N. 12th Street at around 6:30 pm, and returned the next morning to find that her vehicle’s rear window had been shattered and that her laptops had been nabbed.

Apple picking

A crook stole a woman’s iPhone on Union Avenue on Dec. 23.

The victim was talking on her phone near Metropolitan Avenue at around 4 pm, when the perp snagged the phone from her hand and fled.


A crook stripped a man’s car that was parked on Humboldt Street on Dec. 19.

The victim left his car between Norman and Nassau avenues at around 9 am. When he returned later that day, he found his Acura right where he left it, only it was short four tires and rims.

Scooter steal

A thief stole a woman’s scooter that was parked on Newel Street on Dec. 29.

The victim left her scooter between Norman and Nassau avenues at around 10 am. When she returned later that day, but her bike was nowhere to be seen.

Restaurant robber

A thief robbed a restaurant on Bedford Avenue on Dec. 24.

Employees at the eatery between N. Sixth and N. Seventh streets say the crook clipped the locks on the security gate and made his way inside around 2 am. The robber cleaned out the register, taking $450, and took an unknown amount of cash from the restaurant’s ATM.

Car crook

A thief broke into a man’s car that was parked on Wythe Avenue on Dec. 28 — and made off with the victim’s briefcase and electronics.

The victim said he parked his car between Banker and N. 15th streets at around 4 pm. When he returned, he found the front passenger-side window broken, and his briefcase, Apple laptop, and modem gone.

Bar break-in

A thief robbed a bar on Manhattan Avenue on Dec. 28.

Employees at the watering hole between Nassau and Driggs avenues said that the thief entered through an unlocked window around 2:30 am, and left with $3,900.

Tough kid

Two thugs attacked a 12-year-old boy on Manhattan Avenue on Dec. 20.

The victim said he was near Nassau Avenue while he was on his way to school at around 8 am when he was confronted by the perps.

“Take out your wallet,” one of the thugs barked, but the victim refused and took a hit to the face. The dangerous duo then fled empty-handed.

Parking punks

Two crooks attempted to rob a parking garage on Driggs Avenue on Dec. 29 — but canceled their plans when the parking attendant didn’t have a key to the safe.

The attendant said the thieves drove into the garage between N. Ninth and N. Eighth streets at around 4 am. After parking, the duo rapped on the door of the his office, and displayed a silver pistol when he answered the door.

“Open the safe, give me the money,” one of the thieves growled, but the attendant told them he didn’t have a key for it, so the perps took-off.

— Colin Mixson