Muggings! This train is ‘L’ on riders at Bedford Ave. • Brooklyn Paper

Muggings! This train is ‘L’ on riders at Bedford Ave.

A hard week for twenty-something men using the Bedford Avenue L station ended with hard time for one teenager.

It started on Feb. 25, when three thugs jumped a 28-year-old man in the station.

“Just give it to me,” said the ringleader, a 6-foot guy in a gray hoodie, pointing to the victim’s wallet. A second thug, also 6-foot, proceeded to put the North Sixth Street resident into a choke-hold and pull him to the ground, at which point all three punched and kicked the victim.

Then, the ringleader grabbed the punchee’s wallet, before the entire gang fled toward Driggs Avenue.

Inside the New York University grad student’s $100 billfold was $41, two credit cards, a $50 Whole Foods gift card and a monthly MetroCard.

A few days later, on March 2, a teenager approached a 27-year-old at the same station and asked him for his ID at around 8:30 pm.

When the adult complied, the kid, surprise, stole his wallet, too.

As he tried to run away, the adult grabbed him, but the kid fought back, punching him repeatedly in the face.

Cops later arrested a 15-year-old for the crime.

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