Murder on Ten Eyck Walk

Walk of death

A 42-year-old man was shot twice and killed on Ten Eyck Walk on May 14.

The man was near his home on Humboldt Street at 4:33 am when two shots rang out. He dropped to the ground as the shooter ran away.
Police pronounced the man dead at the scene, with wounds in his left forearm and upper left arm.

Olive oiled

A group of thugs surrounded a man at Olive Street and demanded his phone on May 14.

The victim told police that he was near Metropolitan Avenue at 4:45 am when a perp grabbed his hand and shouted, “Give me the phone, give me the phone.”

He did so after a group of perps surrounded him.

Kent snatch

Three perps pushed a woman to the ground and snatched her bag on Kent Avenue on May 14.

The victim told police she was near S. First Street at 2:40 am when three men approached her and pushed her to the sidewalk. They grabbed her bag, which had $250 and her iPhone, and ran toward a getaway car.

Girl gang

A group of teenage girls beat up a 17-year-old girl on S. Fourth Street on May 9.

The victim told police that she was walking home from school on Roebling Street at 3:55 pm, when 10 to 15 teenage hellions approached her and started hitting her in the face.

One even stabbed her in the forehead with a sharp object, before the posse fled.

The victim was taken to Brooklyn Hospital and treated for her cuts.

McKibbin robbery

A robber held up a woman on McKibbin Street and stole her iPhone on May 14.

The victim told police that she was near Boerum Street at 5 pm when the perp pushed her to the floor and demanded, “Give me your phone and money.”

She didn’t have any cash, so the perp took the phone and ran away.

Slash bot

A thief cut open a man’s jeans while he was asleep on the L train and stole his wallet on May 15.

The victim told police that he boarded the train in Manhattan at 3:30 am and fell asleep. He awoke at 5 am near the Grand Street stop at Bushwick Avenue to discover that his right rear pocket was cut and his wallet was missing.

Surround sound

A thief stole a sound system from the McKibbin Street lofts on May 13 — but police nabbed their suspect in the act.

The perp entered the first floor of the building near White Street at 3:30 pm and removed a $1,300 stereo. When he left, a porter from the building ran after him and told him to stop. An officer intervened and arrested him.

On Broadway

A thief stole two computer monitors from two Broadway apartments on May 9.

The perp broke into the building near Hooper Street at 9:32 pm, grabbing a monitor from each unit before fleeing into the street.

— Aaron Short