Music session goes horribly wrong

94th Precinct


Joint session

A gun-toting thief threatened and robbed a 22-year-old man inside his Berry Street music studio on June 16.

The victim invited the fiend over to his studio near N. Fifth Street to listen to music and smoke a joint at 11:15 pm, he told cops. The thug brought two friends and they chilled together until the victim stood up to get a pack of cigarettes, and one of the crew members asked, “What do you have in your pockets?” the victim told cops.

He refused to answer, so the ringleader lifted his shirt and flashed a silver gun, saying, “Empty your pockets or I’ll blow your f—— face off!” the victim told police.

The robbers took $2,732 out of the victim’s wallet and left the studio.

Bicycle phone

A cycling crook stole a phone from another cyclist on Roebling Street on June 10.

The victim was riding near Metropolitan Avenue at 10:05 pm when the fiend rode up to him, pushed him into traffic, and snatched his phone.


A robber punched a woman and stole her iPhone and cash outside of her Maspeth Avenue apartment on June 11.

The victim was about to enter her building near Woodpoint Road at 1:45 am when the thug punched the left side of her face and said, “Don’t scream! Give me your money and your phone,” she told cops.

She handed over her purse, and he said, “I know where you live now, don’t call police,” before he fled.

Laptop lost

A thief smashed the window of a car parked on N. Fifth Street on June 16 — and stole a computer, camera, and books left inside.

The driver parked his car near Berry Street at 2 am, but when he returned 10 hours later, his rear window was broken and his backpack containing his belongings was gone.


Two thieves beat up a man and stole his phone on Leonard Street on June 11.

The victim told police that he was near Meserole Avenue at 5:55 pm when the perps approached him.

That’s when one punched him on his right side and took his phone and wallet from his hand.


A crook stole an iPad and phone from a car parked on N. Ninth Street on June 12.

The driver said he parked his car near Roebling Street at 7:20 am, but when he returned five hours later, his electronics were missing.

Town car taken

A thief stole a Lincoln Town Car parked on Lorimer Street on June 12.

The driver told police he parked his limo near Noble Street at 4:42 pm and went to play soccer, leaving the keys in the back seat.

When he returned an hour later, the ride was gone.

— Aaron Short