Muslim nations barely lift a finger to help suffering Syrians

Drench them in shame.

Pious, oil-rich Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain — so-called cradles of Islam — are happy to sit on their collective butts and flaunt their wealth and zeal without lifting a finger to help the flood of Syrian refugees.

Only five of the world’s 50 Muslim-majority nations have accepted a fraction of the four million Syrian men, women, and children fleeing their wrecked homeland. Some of those asylum seekers are abandoning their fair-weather Muslim hosts to join the tsunami of migrants pouring into Europe and headed for America looking for a better life in the countries of “the infidels.”

Syria — where the first alphabet, the language of trade, and the urban development system were born — is a failed state, its past glory swamped by Islamo-tyranny and the wholesale slaughter of Muslims, by Muslims.

Its refugee crisis is only one example of the Islamo-intolerance and brutalities spanning the globe, resulting in the crimes against humanity of our age:

Upwards of 200,000 Syrians have been murdered by their government’s forces.

• More than 10 million Syrians need humanitarian help.

• Around 10 million Syrians — nearly half of the population — have fled their homes.

• Four million of those are seeking asylum outside the country.

The wretchedness spotlights the obvious:

• Radical Muslims — their own worst enemy — do not care if their fellow believers rot and die, showing their Koran thumping to be a sham.

• They want Europe and America to absorb the Muslim world’s Islamo-casualties — no questions asked.

The Muslim mass exodus is the worst human flight since World War II — but worse is yet to come, as the Islamic State exploits the refugee crisis to infiltrate the West.

Integral Arab states are forsaking their fellow believers in their hour of need. They are refusing to conquer radical Islam with their money and muscle. They are obligating the free world into denial and submission. We need to find out why before the West becomes the East.

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