My own moving day experience

My own moving day experience
Photo by Emily Harris

On moving day, Murphy’s Law is the only certainty — that, and tricky parking jobs.

When my roommate and I vacated our Williamsburg walk-up on Saturday morning, we learned that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong” — especially when two moving trucks vie for spots.

Rhode Island-bound Emily parked her truck on the sidewalk on S. Third Street, blocking a gated lot, while my movers double-parked the other truck a few doors down.

No one was happy; drivers slowed down, first to pass safely, then to yell or honk at us for the hours-long — but unavoidable! — bottleneck.

It gave me a first-hand look at the moving day bill that Councilman Brad Lander (D–Park Slope) is pushing to allow people to get parking permits on moving day.

Instead of double parking, Emily and I could have reserved a spot right in front of our building.

And a bill like Lander’s could have helped us even after our move was done — when we got stuck behind someone else’s moving van that had been double-parked on Havemayer Street.

My driver brazenly chuckled, “The king does what he wants!” before trying to squeeze through — but this king should have been dethroned considering how badly he got stuck behind the other van.

Lesson learned: Don’t enter a street that already has one double-parked truck. With a bill like Lander’s, we wouldn’t have to.