My wild ride with Mariah’s husband

Cannon ball!

I just took a wild ride with Mariah Carey’s husband!

But rest assured, Mimi, I didn’t compromise your marriage to Nick Cannon — I just hit the Cyclone with him.

“I love it!” screamed Cannon, the host of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” and star of last year’s “The Killing Room.”

Unfortunately for me, “love” is not a word I would use to describe my relationship with the famed roller coaster — the last time I rode it, I ended up with a busted lip and sore neck.

So it took the chance to ride alongside the handsome and multi-talented Cannon to get me back in the saddle. Nick simply chuckled when I expressed my anxiety before explaining that everything was going to be fine.

“It’s awesome!” said the 29-year-old hunk. “It’s a classic roller coaster. This is better than all those other ones.”

As the car revved up, I couldn’t help but grab his bicep (pretty impressive for such a slim man) and lean my head on his shoulder. Oh yes I did!

The slow climb to the coaster’s tallest peak had me clutching Nick and Nick clutching his black fedora — which he insisted stay atop his head. Hey, even on a roller coaster this guy’s got style.

But as we reached the top, my panic began to take over.

“This is more terrible then I remember,” I screeched as we went over the peak.

“What? Did you just say this is more terrible than you remember?” he laughed. “Oh man!”

Ah, we were bonding.

I felt particularly close to Cannon during the coaster’s final twists and turns when I was whipped against his body. Gosh, that was kind of nice.

Cannon, who treated 92 lucky fans to free rides on the Cyclone as a promotion for his morning drive radio show on 92.3 FM, was the perfect gentleman throughout our adventure, repeatedly asking “Are you okay?” — especially when I shouted words unprintable in this family publication.

As the ride came to an end — and with my heart beating faster than it should — I smoothed my tousled tresses when Cannon hollered for another round.

But one time around with Nick Cannon was enough for me.

“That was fun, Nick, but now you’re on your own,” I said as I bolted away.

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