Nasty pistol-whip on Myrtle Ave.

Pistol whip

A cruel crook pistol-whipped a 32-year-old woman during a botched March 28 robbery at the corner of Myrtle Avenue and St. Edwards Street.

The victim was on her way home at 9:55 pm when the 40-year-old thief jumped her, demanding her property.

The victim screamed as the thief tried to take her wedding ring. In retaliation, the goon struck the woman with the butt of his gun and ran off.

Cell snag

A 15-year-old thief swiped a 30-year-old woman’s cellphone at the corner of Clermont and Flushing avenues on March 31 — but was arrested before he could call anyone.

The victim was walking to a nearby train station at 5:30 pm when the thief grabbed hold of her Blackberry.

After a brief tug of war, the thief ran off with the phone, but the victim chased after him — flagging down a passing police officer during the heated pursuit.

Cheesy crime

What a dirty rat!

A thief palmed a 33-year-old woman’s purse on March 26 as his victim celebrated her son’s birthday at the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant/game arcade on Flatbush Avenue.

The woman put her purse on a chair inside the eatery between Hanson Place and Atlantic Avenue at 2:30 pm. When she returned to her chair a few hours later, her bag was gone.

Pocket pincher

Two sticky-fingered thieves took $300 and a pair of eyeglasses from a 71-year-old man on April 1 during an ever-so-slight exchange at the corner of Clifton Place and Classon Avenue.

The thieves approached their victim at 9:25 pm, pinching the items from the senior’s coat pocket as they passed by.

Valet villain

A thief swiped a 2005 Toyota from an Ashland Place parking garage on March 28.

The owner left his vehicle in the lot between DeKalb and Fulton streets at 9:06 am. He returned at 10:30 am, but his car was nowhere to be found.