Nets season preview: It’s a battle between big guys and little guys

Save the date! Barclays Center to open on Sept. 28, 2012
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

The Nets are the borough’s new home team — but who exactly are these recent Brooklyn transplants?

Is this a squad that lives and dies by the play of face-of-the-franchise Deron Williams and his newfound sidekick at guard Joe Johnson? Or, after losing the Dwight Howard sweepstakes, will the Nets’s fortune be dictated by often overlooked low-post work from tabloid favorite Kris Humphries and a finally healthy Brook Lopez?

When the Nets take the floor for their first-ever game at the Rust Bowl on Nov. 1, they will battle the hated cross-town rivals the New York Knicks — but there will also be an internal conflict that will set the tone for the rest of the season: the struggle between the Nets front court and back court.

To analyze this dynamic conflict, The Brooklyn Paper brought in two hoops experts of differing heights and insights.

This season, they will duke it out on our news pages and website, offering readers a fresh perspective on a team in flux that must adjust to a new home, a much-changed roster, and all the attention of the basketball-loving world.

We proudly present our new column, Front Court Back Court.

Here’s Tom Lafe’s breakdown of the Nets’ big men.

And here’s Matt Spolar’s analysis of Brooklyn’s guards.