New archive at PS 195 immortalizes “lovely” librarian

New archive at PS 195 immortalizes “lovely” librarian

A beloved Manhattan Beach reading teacher was immortalized before her family, colleagues and the children she taught when PS 195 dedicated its refurbished library to the memory of Sandra Rosuck.

The educator, who died in 2005, was eulogized with fond words by guest speakers who joined dignitaries and members of the community on April 23 to help open the Sandra Rosuck Library Media Center at the elementary school on Irwin Street, between Shore Boulevard and Hampton Avenue, where the teacher was also a chapter leader for the United Federation of Teachers from 1995 to 2001.

Her work with the organization garnered her an exemplary service award from the American Federation of Teachers.

The Brooklyn-born Rosuck attended Public Schools 188 and 225 in Brighton Beach, and graduated from Midwood High School in 1954, where she was voted “Most Popular Senior.”

“She was a bright, very witty, very intelligent and quite a lovely woman who reflected her inner beauty,” said Cheryl Kastner, a reading teacher who worked with Rosuck.

Now, her name will live on at the school where she taught, says Kastner, adding that the automated and computerized library — revamped with funds from Councilmember Mike Nelson (D-Brooklyn) — is modeled after a boat and features a marine theme, complete with “bleachers” for seating areas, a labyrinth of new books, plus a SmartBoard for teachers.

Among the first budding bookworms to take a word journey at the freshly-minted archive were Rosuck’s two young grandchildren.

“It just makes the kids want to sit in there and read,” Kastner said.

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