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New charges against Club Shadows

Club Shadows, the embattled Fourth Avenue nightclub that pleaded not guilty to four violations earlier this year, now wants to make a deal after getting hit with a new set of charges.

Three accusations have been leveled against the club, all stemming from a fight on June 5.

The specific charges filed by the Liquor Authority on June 5 alleged that Shadows owners with “permitting the premises to become disorderly,” “permitting an altercation or assault to occur,” and “failure to exercise adequate supervision over the conduct of the licensed business.”

Or in the words of Bill Crowley, a spokesman for the State Liquor Authority, there was barroom brawl.

“There was a fight and the cops had to be called,” said Crowley.

Details of the fight remain unclear, but the new allegations came only days before Shadows offered to settle earlier State Liquor Authority charges, the most serious being that the club did not have a proper liquor license.

“Not having [it] could possibly result in revoking the license,” Crowley said.

The less-serious charges include not registering the name “Club Shadows,” and the discovery of flies in one booze bottle, according to Crowley.

The terms of the deal are confidential until the board can review it and make its determination.

“It isn’t uncommon that a deal is made to settle charges like these,” said Crowley. “These are serious charges and the board will make a determination based on the evidence.”

The new charges are a separate matter, which means another trial, according to Crowley.

“The plea is only relevant to the old charges,” said Crowley. “They haven’t pleaded to the new charges yet, which are very serious.”

Shadows had until July 11 to respond, according to the summons.

Club Shadows, which is between 90th and 91st streets, got on the community radar screen in November, when a sign featuring the silhouette of a curvy woman was installed.

The sign also promised “exotic dancers” at the Nov. 30 opening.

The strippers never materialized, but the troubles were only beginning.

Councilman Vince Gentile (D–Bay Ridge) brought SLA inspectors to the opening, and the agency hit Club Shadows with the four original violations.

Shadows lawyer William Spanakos could not be reached for comment.

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