New life for Herr’s

New life for Herr’s

Marine Park is trading potato chips for pediatricians.

According to city records, a medical facility is currently being constructed at the site of the former Herr’s building, located at the corner of Quentin Road and East 36th Street — but questions remain about the future of the property.

“Initially, I heard it was going to be a synagogue,” said East 36th Street resident Kathleen Burns. “I’d like it to be more transparent.”

According to Ken Lazar, a representative for the city Department of Buildings (DOB), the new space is listed as a community facility offering medical offices.

Marine Park Civic Association President Greg Borruso has concerns about that designation.

“Community facility is very vague and almost never works out that way,” Borruso said at the civic’s recent meeting. “Community facility says we’re going to go into your neighborhood and we’re going to build.”

Not so, Lazar explained. He said the building is getting another floor as of right.

“They’re building a second story. They’re not overbuilding,” he said.

Lazar noted that most of the neighboring commercial buildings are two-stories tall.

Of the taller Herr’s building, he said, “They’re not at maximum height for the zone.”

The owner of the building could not be reached for comment by press time.